Rug Gripper Tape Anti Slip Adhesive


Keep your carpet from sliding and folding by keeping it in place with this rug gripper tape
It has a strong adhesive that can effectively stick on the floor’s surface to keep your carpet flat
You can reuse these tapes by washing the floor side of the tape clean and attaching it again to your rug
Material: Plastic
Thickness: 0.2cm or 2mm
Size Variants:

Small: 130mm x 25mm
Large: 180mm x 30mm

Package Contents:

8 x Rug Gripper Tape Anti Slip Adhesive

Rug Gripper Tape Anti Slip Adhesive
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Rug Gripper Tape Anti Slip Adhesive
We want our to look its best and to be as comfortable as much as we can. Because our house is a place where we spend time to rest and be ourselves. Consequently, no one likes to live in an uncomfortable home. That is why people decorate their space to make it nicer according to their taste. At the same time, they strive to make it more comfortable for them and the family that lives together with them. Now, one of the ways to make your space at home looking more nice and comfy is by adding a carpet. Having one in your living room will instantly make your room better and more comfortable. However, it can be annoying when carpets keep on sliding against your floor and you have to always fix. So, use this rug gripper tape to put it in place.
Strong Adhesive
By using this gripper tape, you no longer have to worry about your carpet slipping or having folds. It can be a hassle trying to arrange the carpet every now and then. So, settle it once and for all with the help of this rug gripper. This provides strong adhesive that effectively keeps the carpet in place by sticking to the floor’s surface. In order to do so, simply paste this tape on the back or under your carpet, preferably on the corners. Then, peel the other side of the tape and stick it to the floor. Before doing so, make sure that you clean the floor from dust and other impurities.
This gripper tape is actually reusable so it is a practical choice for you. Simply lift the tape with a non-abrasive scraper like your fingernail. Then, wash the floor side of the tape clean and wait for it to dry before using it again