Running Headphones Sports Earphones


High-quality headphones that are suitable for any sports activity without easily dislodging
Offers great sound quality and an awesome listening experience
Fits snugly inside your ears with additional stability hooks behind the hears
Size: Approx. 58 x 51 x 25mm / Frequency: 20-20000Hz / Input: 5Mw / Cable Length: 1.5m
Compatible: Most 3.5mm jack-equipped devices (phones, tablets, computers, sound systems)
Dimensions: L11.5cm (Overall Length)

Running Headphones Sports Earphones
Running Headphones Sports Earphones $21.89

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Running Headphones Sports Earphones
Tune in to continuous astounding bass sound quality and constant music using these durable and tough bass running headphones. Perfect, high-quality audio is necessary when you need good motivational music to keep going. So equip yourself with the best and use these essential running headphones for the perfect listening experience. Ideal for almost any physical sport.  You can enjoy your most loved activity while you listen to music at the same time. These dynamic running earphones will surely offer you brilliant music and good motivation as run across stretches of unending road.
Quality Structure
These earphones feature a flexible and stable design with a comfortable ear hook for added stability. With that, these headphones do not easily drop or fall even with sudden movements that come with running exercising, jogging or other physical activities. Besides, these earphones adopted the latest in audio tech with innovative audio systems. The headsets include suction tips that inevitably shut out external sounds to offer you astounding sound quality and dynamic listening experience. So, hook in, run and enjoy the variety of crystal clear sounds using these high-end wired earphones.
Wired Technology
These awesome wired-headphones work best most devices and electronics that are equipped with a 3.5mm jack. You can use these functional stereo headphones with your cell phones, tablets, music players, laptops, PCs and even speakers. The headphones come in different shades of red, white, blue and black so you can pick the ideal one that accommodates your own unique identity. You can even purchase it with an earphone case or a string bag for storage. Perfectly comfortable to wear, you can insert the buds inside your ear and hook the flexible rods at the back of your ear for a secure fit. You can then work, play, run, jump and go lengths without dropping your earphones on the ground. So, workout and be physically active and mentally motivated with great sound devices by your side using these excellent running headphones.