Self-Priming Electric Drill Pump for Oil, Water, and Fluid


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Self-priming Drill Pump Electric Drill Pump Oil Fluid Water Pump
Self-Priming Electric Drill Pump for Oil, Water, and Fluid $10.99

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Product Name: Self-priming⁣ Drill Pump ​Electric Drill Pump Oil Fluid Water ​Pump

Color: Black
Material: Engineering plastics
Dimension: 3.5×10.5×6.5cm / 1.4×4.1×2.6″
Pump shank: 8mm round shank
Transmission medium: Oil /‌ Water / Fluid
Self-priming: 9ft
Impeller structure: Rubber impeller
Fitment: ⁤For electric drill

– This pump is designed ‍to ⁢be compatible with both corded and cordless drills, fitting most electric drills. It effectively ⁣transforms any drill into a high-capacity pump that can ⁣drain sinks, aquariums, pool skimmers, and more.
– Its compact size, ​lightweight design, and easy installation‌ make this electric drill powered pump a practical‌ choice ‌for home, garden, ⁣and outdoor‍ use.
– It is ideal for transferring light liquids such as freshwater, seawater, oil, dilute organic solvents, insecticides, and liquid‌ fertilizers.
– The pump features an engineering plastic body ⁣and stainless steel internal parts to prevent ‌corrosion.
– It can self-prime up‌ to 9ft(2.75m) and pump water to‌ a maximum distance of 45ft(13.7m). It can pump up to 300 U.S GPH(1136L/hr) and connects to 1/2inch(1.3cm) ‍diameter tubing.

Operation Instructions:
1.‍ Apply a few drops of lubricating oil in the pump inlet before each use for optimal priming and longevity. Flush with clean‍ water after each use.
2. Ensure the inlet ⁢hose is airtight and ​as short as possible. The inlet hose should​ not exceed 9ft (2.75M).
3. When pumping abrasive fluids‌ or liquids ⁣with solids, use a strainer on ‌the inlet line to​ prolong the ​pump’s life.
4. It is recommended to mount the pump ⁤to a surface ‍for stability and ease of use.
5. Mount and start the drill. Monitor the inlet tubing to ​ensure fluid is​ drawn into‌ the pump within 15-20 seconds.​ If not, check that the inlet tube is properly mounted to the inlet.
6. Do not run the pump dry. If⁤ the pump fails to prime, check that ‌the ⁤hoses​ are not kinked or clogged.⁣ The pump relies on the fluid being pumped for lubrication.

Package Includes:
1 x Pump
2 ‍x Connector
2 x Clamp
1 x Manual