Set of 10 Durable Litter Box Liners – Easy-to-Use and Pet-Friendly


These Litter Box Liners effectively filter the solid waste from the sand for easy disposal
They are reusable so they are a more environmentally-friendly alternative than plastics
It is semi-stretchable to fit perfectly in all types and styles of kitty litter boxes

Material: PE Nylon Shotcrete Materia

Size: 37 cm x 26 cm x 13 cm
Package Contents:

10 x Litter Box Liners

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Litter Box Liners 10PCS Set
Set of 10 Durable Litter Box Liners - Easy-to-Use and Pet-Friendly $19.99

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Product Description:

The Litter Box Liners 10PCS Set simplifies the process of maintaining your pet cat’s litter box. These liners are not only convenient but also reusable. Cats, known for their cleanliness, prefer to defecate in a secluded/dark place, usually covering up their waste with sand or soil. Catering to their behavior, cat owners usually set up a litter box filled with sand or kitty litter for their pet’s convenience. However, cleaning out the litter box can be a cumbersome task, and this is where our Litter Box Liners will come to your rescue!

To install, simply place a liner in the litter box. Once your cat has used the litter box, lift the liner to separate the solid waste from the rest of the sand. This technique makes it easy to dispose of the waste without losing any clean sand. Our Litter Box Liners are suitable for both kittens and adult cats.

Each set includes ten reusable liners, reducing the need for disposable plastic bags and contributing to environment conservation. The liners are semi-stretchable, ensuring a perfect fit in the litter box. Featuring a mesh construction in the middle, the liners act as an effective sieve, separating waste from sand.

With these efficient, reusable litter box liners, taking care of your pet cat has never been easier!