SHEINGKA Carbon Fiber 2.6m Handheld Selfie Stick for DJI Action Camera and Gopro9


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SHEINGKA 2.6m Carbon Fiber Selfie Stick DJI Action Camera Handheld Selfie Stick for Gopro9
SHEINGKA Carbon Fiber 2.6m Handheld Selfie Stick for DJI Action Camera and Gopro9 $76.59

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This carbon fiber selfie stick, measuring 2.6 meters in length, comes with a 4-section telescopic design. It can extend up to a maximum length of 2.6 meters and fold down to a minimum length of 0.89 meters for various long-distance photography needs.

The design of the selfie stick allows cables such as charging wires and microphones to pass through the middle. This makes it versatile and suitable for use with a range of products in different scenes, functioning as a multi-purpose tool.

The bottom of the stick integrates a 3/8 screw hole and is compatible with a tripod. This allows the selfie stick to serve as a live broadcast stand for both indoor and outdoor live streams. Additionally, it can function as a support pole for K song microphones or interview microphones.

Constructed from durable and corrosion-resistant all-carbon brazing material, the selfie stick is lightweight compared to those made from aluminum alloys.

The knob design provides a secure lock for the telescopic length of the stick, making it more stable and reliable than those using the direct rotation method.

The selfie stick is compatible with a majority of the sports cameras, microphones, mobile phones, fill lights, etc. currently available on the market.

Package Included:

1 x Selfie Stick