Shockproof Protective Tool Box Sealed Packaging Tool Case


Protective Tool Box Shockproof Packaging Tool Box Sealed Tool Case
Shockproof Protective Tool Box Sealed Packaging Tool Case $65.99$66.99

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Key Features:
1. High-grade, shock-absorbent, watertight, impervious to dust
2. A perfect fit for cameras and additional photographic equipment
3. Extensively utilized in fields such as aviation, outdoor photography, on-site research, scientific breakthroughs, and several others
4. Equipped with a composite latch that utilizes an extension method, smart, comfortable, and resilient to prevent the case from collapsing

Product Specifications:
Product Type: Storage Box
Composed Material: ABS Plastic
Size Specifications:
-#01: 360x295x105mm
-#02: 365x300x108mm
Color Scheme: Sleek Black
Package Contains: 1 x storage box

Visual Depictions: