Shower Foot Scrubber Bath Slippers


Bath Slippers Shower Foot Scrubber is an extraordinary innovation that your whole family can enjoy when bathing.
It thoroughly cleans your feet without the hassle of bending.
The soft bristles and pumice rock on the bath slippers are tools to clean your feet and smoothen the surface of your heels.
It is a blue plastic material with 28cm/11.02″X14cm/5.51″X10cm/3.94″ dimensions. It suits all sizes of feet.

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Bath Slippers Shower Foot Scrubber
Shower Foot Scrubber Bath Slippers $19.90

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Bath Slippers Shower Foot ‍Scrubber

Discover an innovative comfort for your daily ‍bathing ⁤routine with our Bath Slippers Shower Foot Scrubber. ‍These are not your ordinary bath slippers, as it‍ offers more functionalities tailored for⁤ your convenience.

Ease of Foot Cleaning
Normally, washing‌ your feet entails bending over, which may pose ‌difficulty for seniors⁢ or kids.‍ Our Bath Slippers Shower Foot Scrubber provides an⁢ effortless solutuon to this by innovatively ⁣combining footwear with‌ foot washing. Now, ​even children can enjoy an effortless and fun way​ of cleaning their feet ⁤during shower‍ time.

Multi-functional Features
Our Bath ⁢Slippers Shower Foot Scrubber is more ⁢than ‍a footwear – it also serves as a foot-cleaning tool‍ with several features for maximum utility. ‍The⁢ soft bristles thoroughly clean​ your feet, removing ⁤dirt effectively. The design ensures that you don’t have to bend over to clean your ⁣feet, providing a comfortable bathing experience. ‌Plus,‌ the⁤ built-in⁢ pumice ⁤stone smoothens the surface of your heels with each step. It’s the‌ perfect addition to every family’s personal hygiene essentials!