Smart Digital Wireless Intercom System – Voice Calling for Home Office, Business & Room-to-Room Communication


Smart Digital Wireless Intercom System - Voice Calling for Home Office, Business & Room-to-Room Communication $49.99$98.99

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Features: The Smart Digital Voice Call‌ Business Intercom ⁢System boasts of a long-range and crystal clear communication. This system facilitates duplex communication covering up to a​ 1000 meter⁢ distance. When equipped with⁢ a signal amplifier, communication ​can reach as far as 2000 meters. ‌Additionally, the device features an external rotatable antenna​ for optimal signal strength, ensuring interference-free and clear communication.

Large Network Capacity: This Intercom System is ‍capable of networking up to 999 main or extension units simultaneously. Perfectly suited for large office‌ settings, the⁤ extension ​units ⁤can call ⁣the main unit with a simple push of a button, providing user convenience.

Smart ‌Networking and Power Supply: The⁢ intercom system features an ⁢intelligent networking ‌mode which can ⁢be⁤ set up in three ‍easy steps. Powering the‌ system can be achieved through two methods ‌— battery power with an approximate standby time of two months and a direct power supply⁤ for⁢ uninterrupted use.

High-End and ​Versatile Design: The intercom​ system flaunts ‌a high-end design, built with both plastic ⁣and aluminium alloy for increased ‍durability​ and appealing‌ aesthetics. This versatile system ​can be used in ‌a⁣ variety of scenarios and ⁤can easily be⁣ installed‍ on a wall with adhesive glue, eliminating the need for screws.

Adjustable Settings and Accessories: This system offers 38 selectable ringtones and 7 ​adjustable volume levels​ for both ringtones and call volume. ⁣It can be paired with a headset for use in noisy ⁣environments, ⁤and even connected to a ‍large external speaker. Powered by a 2000mAh lithium battery, the device operates between 410MHz-460MHz frequency.

Specifications: Battery Capacity: 2000mAh lithium battery

Working ‌Temperature:⁢ -10 ° C -55 ‍° ⁤C

Transmission Distance: Approximately 1000m/3280ft ​in open space, 40-100m/131-328ft⁤ with partition ⁣walls, 1-9 floors.

Working ⁢Power: ‍0.5W

Working Frequency: ⁣410MHz-460MHz

Standby ⁣Time: Lasts about ⁣2 months after‍ a single ‍charge

Charging ⁣Time: ‌Approximately‍ 5 hours when​ fully drained

Ringtones: 38 available ‌tones

Ring Volume:‍ 7-level Adjustable

Call‍ Sound: 7-level​ Adjustable

Product Color: Black, Silver (optional)

Product ⁣Style: Choices include⁢ 1 ​* Single‌ Intercom Host, 1 * Single Intercom Extension, 1 * Intercom Host + 1 * ⁣Intercom ⁢Extension (optional)

Product Size: ​Measures 16 * 11 ⁤* 2cm/6.3 * 4.3 * 0.8inch

Note: There​ might be slight variations in the ​actual color of the item due to differences⁤ in display screens and lighting conditions.

Packing‍ List: 1 * Intercom Host,⁤ 1 * Charging Cable, ⁤1 * ⁢Instructions