Smart WiFi Weather Station with Multifunctional Color Display – APP Control Weather Monitor


Smart WiFi Weather Station with Multifunctional Color Display - APP Control Weather Monitor $45.99

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This product is a weather station with a large, easy-to-read digital display that’s visible from any viewing ​angle.


The station syncs⁣ with your‍ smartphone via an⁢ easy connection process, made ‍simpler ⁣with the ⁢guide video provided. It retrieves⁢ its data from the Internet making ⁣it both convenient and precise.

The weather station sets the date and time automatically​ from the Internet, offering a 12/24 hour format. It also functions as an alarm⁤ with a snooze feature. The day of⁢ the week can be displayed in eight selectable languages:‍ English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, ‌and Russian.

Forecast data ‌for the current day and‍ the next four days is displayed. In addition, indoor/outdoor temperature, and humidity (in either °C or °F), barometric pressure, wind speed and⁢ frost alert can all be displayed.

Wind speed can be shown in either km/h or mph. The device displays minimum/maximum values for both ‍air humidity and ‌temperature. It also offers trending ⁤displays for air pressure,​ temperature ‌and humidity.

Backlighting is provided with four selectable levels of‌ brightness when connected to a power ‌adapter. It stays activated for 15 seconds only when ‍the ​station is running solely on battery power in case you press the “LIGHT” button.

The station can connect up to three remote sensors, allowing‌ it to display weather data for ​three rooms. It transmits ‍this data up to 60 meters in an open area. An associated ⁣USB Connect port allows for the charging of electronic devices.


  • Model: FJW4
  • Main Material: ABS
  • Power Supply: EU plug, 220-240V
  • Power Adapter: DC5V ‍1.2A (Included)
  • Compatible Battery: 2⁤ * LR6 AA (Not included)

On its wireless outdoor sensor, it measures temperature ranges from -40℃ (-4℉) to 70℃ (158℉) and humidity ranges⁢ from ⁤20% RH to‌ 95% RH. Transmission frequency ‌is at 433 MHz with maximum wireless range around 60 meters. It uses 2 LR6 ​1.5V size AA batteries (Not included) and its Protection‍ Class ‍is IPX4.‍ The sensor size ‍is 9.6 3.4 5cm / 3.8 1.3 * 2inch.

Specifications for the WiFi Weather Station itself are:

  • Size: 20.5 3 13cm / 8.1 1.2 5.1inch
  • Weight: 580g / 20.5oz
  • Package Size: 24.9 16.6 ​ 7cm / 9.8 6.5 2.8inch
  • Package Weight: 685g / 24.2oz

Package List

  • 1 * Color WiFi Weather Station
  • 1 * Wireless Outdoor Sensor
  • 1 * Power ‌Adapter
  • 1 * User Manual (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish)

The weather station has been upgraded with ⁢a⁣ Bluetooth module for ⁣easier and more ​convenient connectivity. To⁣ distinguish between the new version, the products we ship will not have‍ a logo. Please note ‍that required AA batteries ‍are not included in the package.