Solar Powered Car Air Cooler Fan


It has an outer solar panel that can effectively absorb sunlight
Removes hot gas from the car and reduce the temperature in the car
Sustainable to use even on rainy days
Material: ABS; Voltage: 2.4 V; Solar panel power: 4 W
Current: 1600 mAh; Built-in batteries capacity: 2AA x 1200mAh (Included)
Package Included:

1 x Car Fan Solar Powered Air Cooler
1 x Manual

Car Fan Solar Powered Air Cooler
Solar Powered Car Air Cooler Fan $42.23

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Car Fan Solar Powered Air Cooler

Searching for a car fan? If you need additional cooling beyond what your vehicle’s air conditioning can provide, this solar-powered car fan could meet your needs. Using this air cooler is a practical solution for those uncomfortably warm moments when the sun’s heat feels overwhelming, particularly during the hot summer months. Avoid the detrimental effects of extreme heat like heatstroke by incorporating this air cooler into your hot weather arsenal. This car fan aims to maintain a comfortable temperature in your car to keep you cool and fresh.

Adjustable Multi-Angle

Our solar-powered car fan is equipped with solar panels designed to harness sunlight. These panels should be placed where they can optimally absorb sunlight. The product features adjustable multi-angle mechanisms to allow for better positioning. The fan operates on a unique three-motor design and utilizes three ducts to increase exhausted air speeds. To ensure sufficient energy generation, the solar panels should ideally be placed outside the window. This product also incorporates a high-capacity rechargeable battery, maintaining high-speed operation of the motor.

Use On Rainy Days

Not just for sunny days, this car fan has the capability to function effectively even on rainy days. Apart from providing cooling, it can also help eliminate harmful gases from inside your car, thereby improving air quality. This aids in maintaining a healthy internal environment while concurrently reducing the interior temperature. With color options in either white or black, you can select the air cooler that best suits your style. Experience the convenience that this solar-powered air cooler brings, especially during the scorching summer season.