Solar Toys Insect Moving Robots


Powered by sunlight, no batteries required
Uses mini solar panels that draw solar energy to power up these toys
For both by kids and adults
Designs: Ant, Crab, Cockroach, Grasshopper, Beetle, Lobster, Worm, Lobster, Spider, Bee, Centipede, Scarab, Car
Material: ABS plastic, metal, solar panel
Package List:

1 x Insect Solar Toy

Solar Toys Insect Moving Robots
Solar Toys Insect Moving Robots $14.54$16.84

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Solar Toys Insect Moving Robots
Make your stay in the outdoors more fun with your family by purchasing one of the Solar Toys Insect Moving Robots. You can choose from an ant, cockroach, bug, crab, mouse, beetle, and many more! These creatures move as soon as they are exposed to sunlight! This is a perfect toy both for kids and adults.
Fun and Educational
This is the perfect way to teach your kids about nature and insects! If you are outdoors like on a picnic trip, bring one of these and teach your kids the role of it in nature. You can also teach them how not to hurt a living thing even if it is as small as an ant. Your kids will surely have your full attention as these toys really move once hit by the sun.
Solar Powered
Each toy has a mini solar panel on top where it gets the energy from the sun. Take note that these toy insects only work under the sunlight! It has no battery installed so if ever you cover the top of the panel, the toy will suddenly stop moving too. But it is a great trick which you can also show to the children. They will have an idea about how solar powered toys work.