SONOFF DW2 Wi-Fi Door/Window Sensor Pack – Access Data via App


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10pcs SONOFF DW2 - Wi-Fi Wireless Door/Window Sensor No Gateway Required Support to Check History Record on APP
SONOFF DW2 Wi-Fi Door/Window Sensor Pack - Access Data via App $61.99

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Overview: ⁢ The SONOFF DW2 Wi-Fi⁢ wireless door/window sensor is a device designed to alert home⁢ and business owners of unauthorized entry. ‌This two-part sensor features⁢ a⁢ transmitter and magnetic​ switch⁣ that attaches to doors or windows and their frames. When the door ‍or window is opened, the‍ sensor triggers an alarm, notifying the owner via‍ smartphone. ​Integration with the⁢ SONOFF Wireless IP camera allows you to view potential intruders through the app’s sensor page. Real-time status‌ updates on your doors and windows can be checked through the ⁢eWeLink app. The product also includes real-time battery monitoring and low-battery alerts. Installation⁢ is simple,​ requiring only a peel-and-stick setup. With typical usage (approximately three⁤ open/close cycles per day), the sensor’s batteries can last ⁢up ‍to 3 months.


  • Battery Type: AAA 1.5V (2 required, not‌ included)
  • Operating Voltage: DC3V
  • Standby Current: ≤⁣ 40 μA
  • Wi-Fi Compatibility: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
  • Construction Material: PC V0
  • Installation: Peel-and-stick


  • Integration with ⁣SONOFF smart devices for diverse smart scenarios.
  • Automatically‌ trigger lights on/off.
  • Receive ‍instant alerts when doors/windows are accessed.
  • Access real-time and ⁤historical opening/closing⁤ statuses via‍ the eWeLink‍ app.
  • Monitor battery levels⁢ and receive low-battery‌ notifications.
  • Share device access with family ​for seamless home⁢ monitoring.
  • Does not require a gateway for operation.
  • Employs ‌low energy Bluetooth for pairing.
  • Supports historical data ⁣access on the app.
  • Low-power Wi-Fi⁤ transmission prolongs battery ⁤life.
  • Quick and hassle-free installation without any ⁢tools required.

Package Contents:

  • 10 x SONOFF DW2 Wi-Fi⁣ Door/Window Sensors