Sound/Vibration/Door lock Automatic Call Warning Sirens


Sound/Vibration/Door lock Automatic Call Warning Sirens
Sound/Vibration/Door lock Automatic Call Warning Sirens $74.00

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Product applicable places:

1. Outdoor beast prevention: When a target touches the device, it will automatically dial a call notification, you can know the sound near the device as long as you answer it;

2. Anti-theft and anti-sabotage in orchard gardens: When a target touches the device, a phone call will be automatically notified;

3. Sound monitoring: when you want to know what kind of sound the device accessory has, you can hear it just by calling the device;

4. Car anti-theft function: put the device on the car, turn on the vibration and fence functions, when the car vibrates or exceeds the set range, it will automatically dial your phone notification;

5. Car positioning function: Put the device on the car, if you want to get the location of the car, you only need to send a text message DW to know immediately, saving the trouble of online inquiry, and it is simple and fast to operate even if you do not have the Internet access.

6. Waterproof and battery life: It adopts a sturdy ABS waterproof engineering plastic box and a large-capacity lithium battery (6000mA), which is completely suitable for outdoor bad weather, and does not need to be charged for 60 days of continuous work.

Purchase Notes:

The main function of this product is alarm prevention and control, positioning is auxiliary, there is a certain error in positioning accuracy, and there are differences in different regions. If you have high requirements for positioning accuracy, you need to customize it separately, you can contact customer service.

【About SIM card support】

The above packages do not include SIM card, you need to provide your own card;

Battery capacity 6000mAH lithium battery, send a DC5.0V/1A charger.

About charging:

When using the charger delivered by our store, the alarm lights up blue light, and the blue light goes out when fully charged.

Note: The use of non-our store chargers or charging cables may prolong the charging time or not fully charge.



Open the back cover, insert the SIM card into the card holder and it will automatically turn on. When the machine is turned on, the indicator light is on for 10 seconds. After the indicator light is off, cover the back cover and you can use it. When not in use, simply take out the card.

Environmental Audit:

After the machine is turned on normally, dial the alarm number, wait for five seconds after connecting, and then you can check the situation within 10 meters around the machine.

Voice control callback:

Use the mobile phone or landline to get through the SIM number in the alarm, hear the surrounding sound for 3 seconds, hang up and the setting is successful. When there is a sound of 45 decibels within 10 meters of the alarm, the alarm will automatically dial the set number.


voice on


voice control

LBS positioning:

User edits capital letters ”


“(For foreign users, please edit “GPS”) to the alarm, and a message containing the address/latitude and longitude/website content will be replied in about a minute, or you can send an authorized SMS to get the APP to use.

working frequency:


Standby time: Standby for about 60 days;