Special Cleaning Instrument: Portable Electric Tooth Flusher for Household Use


This household dental flusher can help you to thoroughly clean the residue inside the teeth, and give you a healthy oral guarantee with scientific and humanized design.

Household portable electric tooth flusher special cleaning instrument
Special Cleaning Instrument: Portable Electric Tooth Flusher for Household Use $399.79

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Harness the power of water pulsation and bubble shockwave generated by the tooth flusher to eliminate food remnants lodged in your dental crevices. Dissimilar to conventional flossing, the high-intensity pressurized pulsations of this tooth flusher can penetrate those hard-to-reach dental areas, removing accumulated food particles from concealed corners and crevices. To enhance the cleanliness of your deep-set teeth, frequent use of this product is highly recommended.

Oral Wellbeing Matters

Never undervalue the significance of oral health, especially if you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. Bridged gaps between teeth and orthodontic devices become the perfect hiding places for food particles, potentially leading to gingivitis even despite regular brushing. Herein lies the irreplaceable value of our tooth flushing device. It ensures a thorough cleaning of deep-set teeth, providing solid health protection. Furthermore, the device’s high-pressure pulse water flow exercises a gentle stimulation that neither harms your oral cavity nor your face. It also functions as a gum massager promoting better oral health.

Meticulous Design

As younger generations become increasingly conscious of their oral health, our tooth flusher comes as a timely solution. Daily dental routines barely scrape the surface when it comes to total mouth cleansing, leaving almost 40% of oral cavities untouched. Standard toothbrushes only eliminate plaque on teeth surfaces, leaving plaque stuck in crevices and gum pockets, potentially allowing bacteria to multiply leading to various oral issues.

By utilizing professional techniques, our tooth flusher safeguards your oral health. Its high-pressure water pulsation feature coupled with a concentrated 0.66mm water column provides precise and effective cleaning. Coupled with a 360-degree rotating nozzle, this device ensures that your mouth is thoroughly cleaned from all angles. This compact device comes with a sizable 150ml capacity and a robust battery life, allowing continuous usage for approximately 60 days. Portable and compact, this tooth flusher is a must-have for optimal oral hygiene.