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Spot Welding Machine SUNKKO 788S-PRO – Ideal for Nickel Strip Battery Connection


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SUNKKO 788S-PRO 110V/220V Spot Welding Machine Batteries Nickel Strip Connection Battery Spot Welder Battery Charging with 70B/71A/71B Spot Welding Pen
Spot Welding Machine SUNKKO 788S-PRO - Ideal for Nickel Strip Battery Connection $309.99$323.99

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Immerse yourself in the technical marvel of the Battery Spot Welder Model 788S-PRO. It showcases noteworthy features like an input voltage of 110V/220VAC and output power of 38W, soaring to an instantaneous power of 50W.

The output voltage ranges from 4.2-36V, with a provision for a current output of a max of 2A. This welder boasts of an impressive instantaneous power of 3.2KW. It also takes pride in its precise and constant voltage stability of +/- 2.5% (Set value).

One-of-a-kind, this welder facilitates a wide range of pulse times. Choose from the 0.5-5ms one pulse time, 1-10ms two pulse time, and an adjustable 0-80ms eighteen pulse time. Now, you can tailor the pulse time as per your specific needs!

The welding distance with the fixed welding head varies from 0.05-0.35mm, while, with the welding pen, it ranges from 0.05mm-0.2mm.

The 788S-PRO is ideally used for battery pack welding.

Along with the superior performance of 788S-PRO Spot welder, the package also includes some essential accessories to assist you.
• One 70B/71A/71B Welding pen
• One Manual
• Two Fuse tubes
• Four Fixed welding needles
• Two Welding pen needles
• One Wrench
• One Pedal switch
• One Charging wire
• A Fixture for six batteries
• Fifty 0.14100mm nickel samples
• Fifty 0.158100mm nickel samples
• One Electric grinding machine

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