Spot Welding Pen with O Type Interface – Ideal for 709A/709AD Welder Machines


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SUNKKO HB-71A Spot Welding Pen Battery O Type Interface Suitable for 709A 709AD Spot Welder Machine
Spot Welding Pen with O Type Interface - Ideal for 709A/709AD Welder Machines $58.99

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Key Features:

  1. Easy to transport and assemble with straightforward, independent components;
  2. Crafted from low-resistance oxygen-free copper material to ensure stable discharge spot welding;
  3. Comes equipped with a “7” series welder connector, enhancing the welding function significantly;
  4. Features a removable style tip for convenient replacement of different-sized joints;
  5. Designed with a professional, anti-slip pen-shaped handle for comfortable and easy handling;
  6. Features a built-in pressure balance resilience that refines discharge spot welding;
  7. Made with durable American aluminum alloy solder pins guaranteeing a long lifespan.

Use Cases:

  1. Ideal for lithium battery spot welding;
  2. Perfect for spot welding within electronic circuit boards;
  3. Suitable for spot welding various metal parts;
  4. Adaptable for electrical wire spot welding on metal cases;
  5. Excellent tool for electronic hobbyists involved in electronic production welding.

Connecting your Spot Welding Pen:

  1. Before welding, polish the joint plane of the welding pen with fine sandpaper to expose the metallic sheen. To prevent surface oxidation, apply traces of lubricating oil on its joint plane.
  2. In a similar fashion, process the plane of the copperhead spot welder by discharging.
  3. Attach spot welding joints to the universal pen with internal M4 SHCS, ensuring M4 screws are tightly fastened for reliable electrical conductivity.
  4. Connect the welding power supply to a dedicated power outlet, avoiding power carriages since inadequate power supplies can negatively impact welding effects.
  5. Note that the pen-specific spot welding electrodes can reach up to 0.65 meters X2, affecting the welder’s original pulse discharge power. If you cannot stream to the first wife welding, you’ll require nearly double transfer of the spot welding current series.
  6. After the ph1.5 Anodized aluminum solder pins lose their shine, use a jig to forcibly extricate them. Remember to press the new welding needle to the bottom of the weld when replacing it.
  7. To maintain the quality of spot welding, ensure the welding tip is kept free from oxides.

Package Includes:
1 x SUNKKO HB-71A Spot Welding Pen

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