Stainless Steel Metal Detecting Sand Scoop


This Metal Detecting Sand Scoop is the perfect tool for metal detecting at the beach
It has multiple holes that effectively filter out the sand to help users find objects
Made of stainless and rustproof material which is durable and ideal for the beach
Material: Stainless Steel / Length: 290mm
Width: 200mm / Top-hole: Approx. 28mm
Steel Thickness: Approx. 1.5mm
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1 x Metal Detecting Sand Scoop

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Metal Detecting Sand Scoop Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Metal Detecting Sand Scoop $109.50

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Metal Detecting Sand ​Scoop – Stainless Steel

Ideal for beach enthusiasts ⁣owning a‍ metal‌ detector, this Metal Detecting Sand Scoop is notable for its durability⁢ and rust-resistant stainless ⁢steel construction. Connect it to ⁢the metal⁤ detector or another handle, and ⁢the⁤ tool enables easy ⁤sift through soil or sand, ⁣greatly minimizing the‍ need to bend down.

Efficient Sifting Feature
The key attraction of this scoop lies in its multiple⁢ perforations which facilitate the easy⁤ passage ⁣of sand while keeping trapped any detected objects. With a metal detector, it is not immediately⁤ possible to determine the size of the located⁣ item. Using a ⁣regular shovel under these⁣ circumstances could lead to smaller objects being buried further under the ‌sand. The Metal Detecting Sand ⁣Scoop separates the sand ‌from any located items, improving the visibility of these objects.

High-quality⁤ Stainless Steel
The ⁣high-grade stainless steel material‍ used in this⁢ scoop is perfect for beach use. Proving effective in the sand, it is also⁢ resilient enough to hold out against ⁢the corrosive ⁢influence of salty seawater. As stainless steel is inherently⁢ rustproof, trust ‌in the scoop’s long-term durability and rust resistance. ⁣The ample width​ of the scoop enables the quick ⁢and easy excavation of large holes, expediting the sifting process. It is advisable to rinse the scoop with fresh water after each use to prevent dried salt particles from compromising its long-term quality.