Steel Welding Compressed Air Cooling Vest with Voortex Tube Air Conditioner Waistcoat


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Steel Welding Compressed Air Cooling Vest with Voortex Tube Air Conditioner Waistcoat $53.99

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Introducing the Voortex Tube Air Conditioner Waistcoat, a revolutionary compressed air cooling vest engineered for welding steel and a variety of other high-stress applications.

This cooling vest utilizes a unique voortex tube that can generate a 30-degree temperature difference to provide a simultaneous air cooling effect to every part of the vest. The result? It keeps users blissfully cool and comfortable while ramping up productivity and ensuring a safer workplace.

Key Features:

  • Produces remarkable cooling power of up to 2500Btu/H (630Kcal/H at 100psi pressure power, escalating to 2800BTU/H, 821Kcal/H).
  • Accommodates gas flow rates up to 35 SCFM (990 SLPM).
  • It’s portable and lightweight with no moving parts – a cost-effective solution.
  • Doesn’t require electricity or any chemical refrigerant, just filtered compressed air for industrial use.
  • Minimizes potential risks with no chance of spark flashes or wireless/radio frequency interference.
  • No maintenance hassles due to residue or need for cleaning components.
  • User-friendly with instant on/off feature and easy controls. Cooling doesn’t produce any waste.
  • Customize the amount of compressed air (10,15,25 or 35 SCFM) to generate desired cooling capacity of up to 2500 Btu/H.
  • The manual knob allows adjustment of the air outlet temperature. If the compressed air inlet pressure and temperature are constant, the voortex tube maintains the outlet temperature within ± 1 ° F (± 0.6 ° C).
  • Ideal for hot, humid conditions, particularly for professionals working in metallurgy, forging, welding, glass, fire, petroleum, power plant, boiler plant, sandblasting, paint baking, and so forth.

Material: A premium blend of Cotton/Oxford cloth
Size: One size fits all
Color: Stylish blue
Composition: Includes a voortex tube host and a vest (self-compressor)
Cold source: Compressed air (only compressor required, no accessories needed)

The Package includes:
1 x Voortex tube host
1 x Vest
1 x Waist belt

Detailed Images: