Stereo Bluetooth Sleep Mask – Comfortable Headband for Uninterrupted Sleep


This innovative product is a headband, sleeping mask, and earphones in one!
It has a built-in speaker and microphone ideal for hands-free calling
The electronic parts are removable so you can wash and clean the fabric
Bluetooth Version: 5.0 / Unisex & One-size (Elastic)
Charging Hours: 2 / Play Time: 8 Hours / Power Source: USB Cord
Package Content:

1 x Bluetooth Sleep Mask (No Retail Box)
1 x USB Cord
1 x User’s Manual

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Bluetooth Sleep Mask Stereo Headband
Stereo Bluetooth Sleep Mask - Comfortable Headband for Uninterrupted Sleep $39.68

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Bluetooth Sleep Mask Stereo Headband

Enjoy a refreshing and calming sleep experience after a hard day at work with this Bluetooth Sleep Mask Stereo Headband. This multifunctional mask serves as an eye shield and source of tranquil sounds simultaneously, enhancing your sleep quality. This device pairs with your phone effortlessly through the Bluetooth connectivity option, effectively turning your mask into a personal music player contributing to a peaceful sleep environment. Its function extends beyond improving your sleep quality; it can replace your regular mask and earphones while travelling for added comfort.

Stereo Headband

The Bluetooth Sleep Mask also functions as an exercise headband. It’s fabricated using thick yet breathable and highly absorbent fabric that efficiently soaks up sweat during active workouts. This innovative headband offers a unique feature that lets you listen to your favorite workout music while on the move. Forget about tangling wires, and bulky headphones; this streamline device caters to all your music needs during physical fitness activities. Plus, the inbuilt microphone provides hands-free call answering, dialing up the convenience factor. This Bluetooth headband introduces an entertaining and practical approach to exercise, perfectly tailoring your workout to your taste in music.

Sleep Mask

The sleep mask improves the sleeping experience for side sleepers as it stays in place even with frequent tossing and turning. It’s particularly useful for room sharing; you can enjoy your music without disturbing those around you. Your extended airport wait times can be made bearable with the help of this sleep mask, as you can comfortably sleep through the delays while delighting in your favorite tunes.