Super-Touch Plastic Sandpaper Roll Stick with Manual Plastic Clip


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Manual Plastic Sandpaper Clip Plastic Super-touch Sandpaper Roll Stick
Super-Touch Plastic Sandpaper Roll Stick with Manual Plastic Clip $9.99

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Product Overview: This is a Manual Plastic Sandpaper Clip, also known as‍ a Super-touch Sandpaper Roll Stick.

Specifications: The product comes in various types⁤ including‍ Large sandpaper stick, Small sandpaper stick, Aluminum alloy sandpaper stick, Wooden‍ sandpaper⁣ stick, Semicircular sandpaper stick, ⁢and Square sandpaper stick. The item number is HY028⁣ and⁤ it belongs to the ​Sandpaper ⁣clip rod series.

Dimensions: The total length of the large, small, ​and ⁤aluminum alloy sandpaper sticks is 270mm, while the‍ wooden stick is 258mm, the semicircular stick is 210mm, and the square stick is 205mm. The installation length varies from 100mm ⁤to 280mm depending on the type of stick. The width also varies from 10mm to 40mm.⁤

Features: The sandpaper clip rod is made‍ of durable plastic material and is easy to ‌operate. It has a ⁢round inside‌ polish and is easy to install and use.

Package Contents: The package includes 1 Sandpaper clip rod. ⁣

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