Table Alarm Clock with Digital LED Temperature Humidity Monitor and Weather Forecast Feature


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Digital LED Temperature Humidity Monitor Weather Forecast LED Table Alarm Clock
Table Alarm Clock with Digital LED Temperature Humidity Monitor and Weather Forecast Feature $15.99

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Immerse in useful features: Our Temperature & Humidity Clock merges⁣ functionality and mindfulness into a ⁢single device. It showcases a backlight that is ​constantly ‍visible whenever ‌the device⁤ is connected ⁤by a data cable. Opt for a⁢ battery, ⁢and the device takes on an energy-saving persona: the ​backlight ⁢displays for around 8 seconds on the wake-up screen and then automatically powers ⁤off. Do note that this product shifts power supply to the data cable, ⁤the moment it’s plugged in, ‍thereby stopping the battery from draining its charge.

Reliability at its finest: The device is devoid of a memory function, thus each time it powers off, it requires a readjustment. It’s a ‌tool designed for accuracy, ⁢monitoring indoor temperature and ⁢humidity,‍ making it a handy companion. The weather forecasting feature offers a guiding perspective by⁣ analyzing the indoor temperature and humidity. Although the data may contain slight ⁣errors, it ⁢serves as ⁤a pointed reference.

Covering ⁤the essentials: The device is designed to auto-detect the ⁣temperature and humidity ‍approximately once every 60 seconds. It measures temperatures⁣ ranging ‍from ‌0°C-60°C (14.2°F-140°F), and humidity⁣ levels from 20% -99%.

Specifications Worth Noticing:

Material: Made ⁤of durable ABS material.
Color: Comes ⁣in a sleek Black colour.
Temperature Measuring Range: -10~61°C / 14.2-140°F
Humidity Measuring Range:⁢ 20%-99% RH
Power Supply: Works on‌ 2 ⁢ 1.5V AAA batteries (batteries not⁣ included).
Item Size: Boasts a compact size of 15.4
11.83.7CM / 6 ⁤ 4.6 ⁢*⁣ 1.4in
Item Weight: Lightweight at ‌165g / 5.84oz
The Package Weight: Weighs approximately 201g / 7.1oz

What’s included? ​Your purchase includes a Temperature & Humidity Clock and a User Manual, designed to make your life simpler and informed at the same time.