Tecsun AN-05 External Antenna for Enhanced Short Wave Reception


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Tecsun AN-05 External Antenna for Radio Receiver Antenna PL-660 PL-380 PL-310ET Enhance Short Wave Reception Antenna
Tecsun AN-05 External Antenna for Enhanced Short Wave Reception $17.99

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The⁤ AN-05 antenna provides enhanced⁤ reception capability for Short‍ Wave (SW) band and⁣ FM frequencies in a compact and lightweight design. Despite ​its ⁣small size ⁣of 70 x‍ 70 x 15mm and ⁣weight ​of only 63g, it significantly improves the ‌quality of‌ reception. Without⁢ the‌ need for additional power, this portable ⁤antenna can easily set ⁤up and⁤ be used with all ​SW radio​ models.

It’s simple⁣ to ‌use: attach the ⁤jack of ⁤the AN-05​ antenna to your radio,‍ then hang ⁣the other end of the ⁤antenna in ‍a higher place, such as a window. The package includes one AN-05 Antenna and a ​usage manual.

The total length of‍ the antenna is approximately 7m.


  1. Position the AN-05 aerial ‌externally.
  2. Uncoil ⁤the included power cord.
  3. Attach one end of the external antenna to the radio’s extendable antenna, then fix the other end to the⁢ window.

Note: ​
To avoid ‌potential damage, do ‍not install an ‍external antenna in areas where⁢ it may be exposed to ‌thunder ⁤and lightning.