Tecsun PL-368 Digital DSP SSB Mini Portable FM Stereo MW SW World Band Stereo Radio 64-108MHZ


Tecsun PL-368 Digital DSP SSB Mini Portable FM Stereo MW SW World Band Stereo Radio 64-108MHZ
Tecsun PL-368 Digital DSP SSB Mini Portable FM Stereo MW SW World Band Stereo Radio 64-108MHZ $78.99

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Specifications:Frequency range and tuning step:Longwave (LW):153-513kHzMedium Wave (MW):520-1710kHz/522-1620kHzShortwave (SW1):1711-29999kHzFrequency Modulation (FM):64-108MHz/76-108MHz/87-108MHz/88-108MHzNoise limit sensitivity:Long wave (S/N=26dB):Medium wave (S/N=26dB):Shortwave (S/N=26dB):Frequency modulation (S/N=30dB):Selectivity:Long wave:>60dBMedium wave:>60dBShortwave:>60dBFrequency modulation:>60dBLocking range of synchronous detection frequency:±1kHzIntermediate frequency (DSP):AM 45kHz; FM 128KHzFM stereo separation:≥35dBSpeaker:diameter 40mm, 16Ω, 0.5WStorable frequency address (excluding ETM):Longwave/FM:100 eachSingle sideband/synchronous detection:100 eachMedium Wave:150Shortwave:300Maximum output power:about 350mWQuiescent current:Long wave/medium wave/frequency modulation:Shortwave:Standby current:Power supply:3.7V (one BL-5C lithium battery)

External DC power supply USB Micro Type-B 5V current ≥500mACharger/power adapter:USB DC 5V, current ≥500mA (purchase separately)

Product size:162x53x26mm (The telescopic antenna is stowed, without the size of the external magnetic rod antenna)

Net weight:about 130g (excluding the weight of the external magnetic rod antenna of the lithium battery box)

Features:Full band:global broadcasting systemSSB minimum step 10HzSYNC synchronous detectionDSP digital signal processingThe smart meter band display9K/10K mediumwave step selectionKeyboard lock functionETM+ convenient tuningATS automatic station search/save stationMemorize 850pcs stationsFM coverage 64-108MHz, 87-108MHzRSSI & SNRBroadband/Narrowband AM bandwidth selectionDirect input frequency/addressSmart sleep shutdownTiming bootThermometerFM stereoSmart screen lightingLithium battery poweredUSB smart chargingFunction Introduction:Friendly human-machine interface and easy operationCan receive FM stereo, medium wave, long wave, short wave, single sideband (SSB) communication signalsUse modern DSP digital demodulation technology to improve listeningsensitivity, selectivity, signal-to-noise ratio and anti-interferenceabilityFM reception range 64-108MHz, suitable for global FM broadcast receptionShortwave single sideband (SSB) minimum step 10Hz, upper sideband (USB) and lower sideband (LSB) are received independentlyApply synchronous detection technology to suppress adjacent channel interference7 ways to select channels:convenient tuning (ETM+), automatic search and browse radio frequency, automatic search and browse stored radio stations, manual search for radio frequency (VF), manual search for stored radio stations (VM), direct input of frequency numbers, direct input of saved radio station’s address numberEnhanced convenient tuning (ETM+), ETM is carried out in the unit of the hour for short wave and 6 time periods for medium wave, which is more convenient for tuningIt can store up to 850 radio frequencies manually, semi-automaticallyand fully automatic (ATS), among which 100 frequency points for FM/longwave/single sideband/synchronous detection can be stored, 150 for mediumwave, and 300 for short waveMultifunctional display:It can display the working status of radiofrequency, electric field intensity, signal-to-noise ratio, temperature, battery capacity, etc.Adopt high-quality and high-sensitivity speakers, beautiful sound, you can use headphones to hear FM stereoWith broadcast timing automatic power-on functionVery user-friendly power switch function:you can set automaticshutdown after 1-120 minutes after booting, or cancel the automatic shutdownWith mediumwave external antenna socketPowered by lithium battery or USB power supply, or be charged

Product size:53x162x26mm (WxHxThickness)

Package Included:

1 x Tecsun PL-368 Radio(without battery)

1 x Antenna