Tecsun PL-660 High Sensitivity Stereo Radio with Full Band Digital Tuning for FM, AM, LW, MW, SW, SSB, Air & PLL SYNC


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Tecsun PL-660 FM AM LW MW SW SSB Air PLL SYNC Digital Tuning Stereo Radio Full Band Audio Player Radio High Sensitivity Receiver
Tecsun PL-660 High Sensitivity Stereo Radio with Full Band Digital Tuning for FM, AM, LW, MW, SW, SSB, Air & PLL SYNC $138.99

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Specifications: ⁢The TECSUN PL-660 Radio comes‌ with various noise limited sensitivity levels (N/S) for different bands – FM‍ (30dB), MW (26dB), LW (26dB), SW (26dB), SSB (10dB), ⁣and AIR ‍(10dB). The radio operates under different frequency coverage bands – FM: 76-108MHz/87-108MHz,‌ MW: ‌522-1620KHz/520-1710KHz, LW: 100-519 KHz, SW: 1711-29999 KHz, and AIR: 118-137 MHz. The dimension of the ⁢radio is 18.7×11.4×3.3cm (WxLxH).

Power Supply: a built-in ​DC 5V USB jack. The radio‌ also includes an earphone jack.

Features: The TECSUN PL-660 Radio can receive signals from FM stereo, MW, LW,⁣ SW, SSB communication signal,⁢ and aviation band signals. The FM receiving range is 76-108MHz, enabling reception of FM radio frequencies in China, Europe,⁢ America, and Japan as well as some domestic campus broadcast frequencies and TV sounds. Moreover, it ​employs frequency modulation using synchronous detection ‌and secondary ‍frequency conversion technology to improve sensitivity, selectivity, and anti-mirror, adjacent ⁣channel⁢ interference. It also features an FM/SW ‍external antenna jack and a high/medium/low⁢ 3-speed sensitivity control switch.

Storage: The radio allows for manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic ⁣(ATS) storage of up to ‌2000 radio ‌frequencies. 800 of these are stored by bands and the remaining 1200 frequencies are⁤ stored on 12 pages (12×100).

Audio: The device features a high-quality, high sensitivity speaker that⁢ delivers beautiful sound quality. There’s also a high/bass control ‌switch⁢ for listening to different programs. Earphones can be used for‍ FM stereo broadcasts.

Interface: The user-friendly interface ‍is straightforward. ⁤The multi-function digital adjustment knob facilitates setting the time, adjusting the frequency, and selecting storage pages and addresses.

Functionality: The radio has a dual-time power-on function, and it can receive radio programs with pre-stored frequencies immediately upon powering on. An automatic power-off function is also available that can be‍ set to shut down after 1-1200 minutes of power-on.

Selection ⁣Methods: The‌ radio ‌allows for six-channel selection methods – manual search ‍for ⁣the station frequency (VF), direct frequency number input,‌ manual search for pre-stored stations (VMs), direct input of pre-stored station address number, automatic search for the station frequency,⁣ and⁢ automatic ⁤search for stored station‌ frequency.

Package Includes: The package comprises 1 TECSUN⁤ PL-660 Radio, 1 external ⁣antenna, 1 pair of earphones, and ⁤1 user manual.