Tecsun S-8800 Portable Digital Radio with FM/LW/SW/SSB Full Band Tuning, DSD, and Stereo Speaker


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Tecsun S-8800 FM LW SW SSB Full Band DSD Radio Digital Tuning Stereo Portable Radio Speaker
Tecsun S-8800 Portable Digital Radio with FM/LW/SW/SSB Full Band Tuning, DSD, and Stereo Speaker $263.44

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  • DSP and Phase-Locked Loop Circuit Design: For signal clarity, the radio features an advanced DSP, phase-locked loop circuit design, and three frequency conversions.
  • Sound Quality: The unit includes a Class A/B power amplifier and a “super dynamic full-range” 4-inch speaker, providing rich and potent audio. Rotational controls make it easy to adjust bass and treble for a custom listening experience.
  • Included Remote Control: This feature allows easy access to frequency input and other functions.

Frequency Range:

  • FM: Band availability includes: 64–108MHz, 76–108MHz, 87–108MHz, 88–108MHz, with tuning steps of 10KHz/100KHz.
  • Longwave: Ranges from 100–519KHz with 1KHz or 9KHz tuning steps.
  • Medium Wave: Offers two options – 522–1620KHz (suitable for Asia, Africa, and Europe with 9/1Khz step) and 520–1710KHz (for America with 10/1Khz step).
  • Shortwave: Covers 1711–29999KHz, with the option of tuning in 1KHz or 5KHz steps. Includes a single sideband function with tuning steps of 10Hz/1Khz.

Tuning and Storage:

  • Tuning Techniques: Manual jog, auto search (pauses for 5 seconds on identified signal before proceeding), and remote control direct input are available.
  • Stored Stations: The storage capacity is up to 650 addresses, offering manual, semi-automatic (“one finger storage”), and automatic search and store (ATS) options. The radio also features FM stereo connectivity for earplugs or line output, an adjustable shoulder or hand strap, and an organized backlit LCD screen. The screen displays the frequency, signal strength, saved addresses, clock/alarm time, and power indicators.

Additional Features:

  • Audio Output: The radio includes dual RCA jacks (fixed level) for line output and a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack.
  • Power Source: The device runs on two rechargeable 18650 lithium batteries and includes a mini-B USB charging socket (5V/1A).
  • Remote Control: This unit operates using two AAA batteries, which are included with the product.
  • Dimensions: The radio measures 272 x 173 x 88mm (10.7 x 6.8 x 3.5 inches).

Package Contents:

  1. Tecsun S-8800 Radio
  2. Remote Control
  3. USB Charging Cable

Key Highlights:

  • It’s capable of receiving FM stereo, LW, MW, SW, and SSB signals with high sensitivity and selectivity.
  • The unit features analog high intermediate frequency circuit and DSP digital demodulation for MW and SW, enhancing quality of reception.
  • Users have multiple station selection methods and extensive storage capacity at their disposal.
  • Included timing boot and sleep shutdown functions add convenience.
  • The radio showcases a robust design featuring a dark gray metal knob, independent tuning knobs, and a practical gain switch for versatile reception from both short and long distances.

This portable radio caters to enthusiasts who want a reliable, high-performance device featuring modern technology and practical features, set to provide an outstanding listening experience.

User Manual Download Here: (TECSUN-S-8800-English-Manual)