Temperature Display Reptile Tank


The Reptile Tank is suitable for snakes, lizards, spiders, and more; It is durable
It has a built-in temperature and humidity meter; It has a convenient transparent design
It has side vertical holes for ventilation; It has feeding hole and a liftable lid
Material: Acrylic/ Thermometer Battery: CR Battery (not included)
Size Variants (LxWxH):

S:  290 x 196 x 150mm
L: 375 x 246 x 194mm

Package Contents:

1 x Reptile Tank (unassembled)

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Reptile Tank with Temperature Display
Temperature Display Reptile Tank $69.00

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Reptile Tank with Built-in Temperature and Humidity Display
This Reptile Tank specifically caters to the unique needs of your exotic pets. It possesses unique features such as a built-in temperature and humidity display, providing crucial information about your pet’s home environment. Unlike common pets like dogs and cats, reptiles thrive in natural habitats, and this tank aids in recreating that for them. This aspect reduces their stress levels and consequently enhances their lifespan. Different from regular containers, this reptile tank has been designed considering a variety of essential factors.

Built-in Temperature and Humidity Meter
A defining characteristic of this tank is its inbuilt temperature and humidity meter. It empowers you as a pet owner to understand the exact conditions of the tank, catering to the varying temperature requirements of different species and sizes. This tank does not come preassembled and therefore requires self-assembly. However, it has been conveniently designed to include silicone rings that facilitate easy assembly. In addition to this, it is equipped with a liftable lid that makes pet retrieval or tank cleaning much smoother.

Transparent Design Allows Easy Monitoring
The transparent design of this tank is another notable feature. It enables you to observe your pet from a distance, meaning you can keep an eye on your pet without disturbing it. It also enhances the aesthetic appreciation of your terrarium. This tank is marked by vertical holes on its sides, which ensure the appropriate circulation of air. It also features a strategically placed hole at the top for feeding. This feature enables you to feed your pet without having to open the entire lid, reducing the chance of your pet escaping.