Tonfon 4V Lithium Mini Cordless Electric Screwdriver with 4 in 1 Multifunction, Electric Cutter, Offset Angle, and Right Angle Adapter Kit


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Tonfon 4 In 1 Multifunction 4V Lithium Mini Cordless Electric Screwdriver Electric Cutter Offset Angle Right Angle Adapter Kit
Tonfon 4V Lithium Mini Cordless Electric Screwdriver with 4 in 1 Multifunction, Electric Cutter, Offset Angle, and Right Angle Adapter Kit $58.99

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Introducing the Tonfon screwdriver/driver system, a ⁤versatile⁢ tool that can be a game-changer in your toolbox. This multi-purpose tool is designed ‌to‍ simplify your⁢ tasks and make your life easier.

The right angle attachment that comes with it is perfect for those tight workspaces where a regular screwdriver just won’t fit.

The offset angle attachment is a unique feature‌ that allows for precise​ screwdriving, even very close to edges. ‌

The Tonfon 4-in-1 design is ‌a compact, high-quality drill/driver⁤ that offers exceptional versatility.

The built-in LED light enhances⁢ visibility, enabling⁣ you to work in dark corners ⁤and low-light areas without any hassle.

Brand: Tonfon (XIAOMI Ecological chain)
Rated voltage: ⁤DC 4V
Battery capacity: 1500 mAh
Max speed: ⁣200 rpm
Max⁣ Torque: 4.0 Nm
Output: Rated current: ⁣0.3A, Rated voltage: 5.5V (DC), Rated current: 1750mA, Charging time: 1 hour
Noise and vibration data:‍ Sound pressure level: LpA = 66, 2⁢ decibels⁢ (A), Sound level: LWA = 77, 2 decibels (A), Uncertainty: KpA/WA = 3 decibels
Screw: Vibration emission value: ah, Uncertainty_K=1.5m/s2

RUBBER PROTECTIVE COVER: ‌This dust-proof⁤ and bump-proof cover extends the service⁤ life of the tool. Remember ‌to put on the protective cover when not in use.

CHUCK ATTACHMENT: This‍ adapter is used for setting torque and improving the speed and ease of screwdriving. Different torque settings ensure the screws go in at the right ‌depth, making it quicker and more accurate when working on ‌the same material. This is particularly useful for DIY projects such as assembling flat pack furniture.

OFFSET ANGLE ATTACHMENT: This attachment ⁢helps‍ you reach ‌those hard-to-reach screws and allows you to work even closer to ⁢the borders ⁤of where you are screwdriving. The offset head makes those ⁣previously impossible-to-get-at screws far easier, simply by setting the ‍screwdriver head​ off to one side.

RIGHT ANGLE ATTACHMENT: This attachment is designed for ‍tight ​workspaces and rotates to ​16 positions without removing from the tool. It allows the user to work in⁣ confined spaces and makes your screwdriving ​work easier.

CUTTER​ ADAPTER ATTACHMENT: This attachment ⁤is suitable​ for cutting various materials, such ​as⁢ PVC, cardboard, leather, fabrics and similar‌ materials. It has a cutting⁣ capacity of‌ up⁢ to‍ 6 ⁤mm thickness ‍and is easy to operate ‌thanks to optimal ergonomics⁤ and compactness.

Package Included: ⁢1xScrewdriver, 26x25mm bits, 2x 50mm‍ bits, 1xChuck attachment, 1xOffset ⁤angle attachment, 1xRight angle attachment, 1xCutter adapter attachment, 1XBits Holder, 1xUSB Cable, 1xManual, 1xCarrying Bag