Toolour Electric Soldering Iron Kit, 60W with Temperature Control and Digital Multimeter


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Toolour 60W Electric Soldering Iron Kit EU/US Plug Adjusting Temperature Backlit Digital Multimeter Solder Assist Set Welding Repair Tools
Toolour Electric Soldering Iron Kit, 60W with Temperature Control and Digital Multimeter $43.99

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Rediscover soldering with this fine-tuned, versatile kit, perfect for the practitioner or the passionate hobbyist!

Uncover its key features:

  1. Our 60W 220V/110V soldering iron elite model utilizes internal-heated ceramic technology, which escalates the heat up to 200-450℃ within a brisk span of 2 minutes.
  2. Revel in efficient heat dissipation with four ventilation holes and ceramic internal heating technology, ensuring a rapid, effective radiation.
  3. Equipped with a multimeter, this kit provides precise readings of current, voltage, and resistance in quick succession, thanks to an update speed of 2-3 readings per second. All the necessary data is clearly shown on the LCD screen.
  4. The Precision Screwdriver Set offers a Compact 5-In-1 Precision Pocket Screwdriver for varying purposes. The set guarantees a comfortable hold and efficient performance owing to its engraved pattern.
  5. With this kit comes a high-end, durable leather tool bag, ideal for storing small tools and effortlessly carrying them around. No more misplaced accessories or soldering equipment, thanks to this easy storage solution.

Crucial specifications include:
-An EU 220V/US 110V working voltage
-A power of 60W
-Soldering iron length: 22cm/8.7in
-Cable length: 146cm
-A temperature adjustment range of 200℃ -450℃
-A storage temperature of -20℃-80℃
-A Humidity At Storage of 35℃-45℃

What’s in the box:

  1. Adjustable temperature soldering iron (EU 220V/US 110V  60W)
  2. Digital Multimeter
  3. A set of soldering iron tips (I K B 3C 1.6D)
  4. Soldering stand (comes with a cleaning sponge)
  5. A pair of tweezers (fine tip curved, fine tip straight)
  6. Solder wire (10g)
  7. Desoldering pump
  8. Screwdriver (with 4 spare screwdriver head)
  9. 2 electronic wires
  10. Suction Tin Wire
  11. Mini wire stripping
  12. Pliers
  13. Jump wire
  14. Solder Assist Set (6 pieces)
  15. Toolbox

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