TOOLTOP ET827 Upgraded Intelligent 2 in 1Digital Oscilloscope with 40MHz 200Msps/S and 6000Counts True RMS Multimeter


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TOOLTOP ET827 Upgraded Intelligent 2 in 1Digital Oscilloscope with 40MHz 200Msps/S and 6000Counts True RMS Multimeter $93.99

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Introducing TOOLTOP ET827 Latest Innovations
• Pocket-Sized Design
• Generous 3-Line‍ Screen Display
• Intuitive Automatic Identification Design
• ​Seamless Unibody Design
• Handy Built-in Flashlight

Greetings from the TOOLTOP team!

Last ⁣year, we launched the exceptional TOOLTOP ET827 multimeter,​ which pioneered ⁢in its unique features. Since then, ⁣we’ve devoted our⁢ time and expertise to refine our idea, ⁣to conceive⁢ a device with comprehensive oscilloscope features plus complete multimeter capabilities. After a full year of ⁣meticulous ‍research⁢ and development, voila!

Welcome to the future with our high-tech, intelligent meter! This ⁣is⁤ THE tool for all technology lovers! Ready to embrace the tech revolution? Scroll down for more enlightening information.

Discover the Features

  1. This portable handheld scopemeter is the perfect tool for waveform measurement. ⁢Unlike regular analog oscilloscopes, the‍ desktop digital oscilloscope, or digital​ multimeter, this multi-functional station​ boasts ‍two essential test instrument functions: Oscilloscope and Multimeter.
  2. This ⁤device represents an electronic engineer’s assistant, efficiently detecting circuit faults using a dedicated chip⁢ (6000-count) to‌ ensure precision.
  3. It has three ​trigger modes for‍ waveform capture: ⁢Auto, Normal, and Single. You can lock and ⁢save the waveform of a non-periodic signal.
  4. The TOOLTOP ET827 is genuinely ⁤the ultimate 2-in-1 ​outdoor⁤ portable tool for⁤ research, production, debugging, and repair.

Operational Functions

  1. 40MHz Bandwidth and 200MHz real-time sampling rate oscilloscope functionality
  2. Automatic measurement function for both multimeter and oscilloscope. An irreplaceable tool for testing newcomers!
  3. High-contrast HD display technology (white character on black background)
  4. Multifunctional‍ DMM: true RMS,​ AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, ​capacitance, frequency, duty cycle, diode/on-off test, transistor, temperature;⁣ maximum/minimum value displayed simultaneously.
  5. Different DSO Trigger Modes: Auto/Normal/Single.
  6. Automated DSO Measurement: VPP,‍ Vmax, Vmin, Vavg, ⁤Vrms,​ Frequency.
  7. Choose⁣ between manual shutdown or automatic shutdown.
  8. The MDS8207 scopemeter can store up to 100 sets of DMM data ⁤and ⁢50 sets‍ of DSO ⁤data. You can choose the​ storage location, allowing you to save crucial waveforms​ for easy viewing later.
  9. Fast measurement waveform signal​ with the AUTO⁣ button⁢ for a perfect waveform display. There’s no need ⁢to adjust the ‌signal, period, amplitude‌ like ‍a traditional‌ oscilloscope.
  10. The MDS8207 can directly measure high and ⁣low voltage signals up ⁣to 2400Vp-p, compared to traditional oscilloscope capacity of 300Vp-p
  11. Analyze and maintain ⁤the waveform with MDS8207
  12. Many more‌ features awaiting your discovery…

For more information, you can click here to Download the English User ‍Manual.

What’s​ In ​the Box?
Included are the TOOLTOP ET827 Multimeter Oscilloscope, a pair⁢ of Test Pens, and an English User ⁣Manual.