Topshak TS-VC1 5 Gallon Vacuum with 3-Functions 16Kpa Dry/Wet/Blow Cleaner for Wet and Dry Use and Wheel


Topshak TS-VC1 5 Gallon Wet and Dry Vacuum 3-Functions Vacuum 16Kpa Dry/Wet/Blow Cleaner with Wheel
Topshak TS-VC1 5 Gallon Vacuum with 3-Functions 16Kpa Dry/Wet/Blow Cleaner for Wet and Dry Use and Wheel $217.99

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Introducing the Topshak Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaners – your ultimate cleaning companion! These vacuum cleaners are ​not your average cleaning devices. They are designed to handle more than just dust‌ and lint. They⁢ can tackle rougher debris and even damp dirt, water, and other liquids, making them the perfect assistant⁢ for your workshop and outdoor areas.

The ⁢Topshak Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner is ⁢a versatile cleaning tool that can handle both dry dust and wet spills. Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners that use bags, this one uses ⁢two separate ⁤devices to handle wet and dry substances. It also ⁤comes with interchangeable brushes‍ designed specifically for wet spills and dry dust.

Here are some reasons why the Topshak Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner stands out:

1. It offers more flexibility than regular vacuum ‍cleaners.
2. It‍ can handle both dry dust particles and wet spills, while regular vacuum cleaners are limited to dry substances.
3. It proves to be more economical as it performs more tasks than regular cleaners, yet they are available at the ⁢same price.
4. It can be used on a variety of surfaces and in different environments, ​such as a backyard, while regular cleaners are limited to certain areas and surfaces.

Brand: Topshak
Model: TS-VC1
Voltage: EU/AU Plug 220VAC; US Plug ​110V,⁤ 60Hz
Power: ⁢1000W
Vacuum Degree: >16kpa
Capacity: 20L (5 Gallon)
Noise: ≤80dB(A)
Power Cord Length: 4.5m
Hose Length: 2m
Product size: 329×324×470mm
Carton ​size: 320×320×500mm

1. Dry, wet, and blow three functions: This vacuum cleaner ⁣can⁣ easily remove wet and dry garbage such as dust‍ and ‍dirty water, and also has the function of drying the floor.
2. 20L dust​ bin: Large-capacity dust bin, which can store more garbage, avoiding⁤ the trouble of frequent garbage cleaning.
3. 1000W copper wire motor: High power, providing strong suction, dust collection faster, cleaner, and more energy-saving, pure copper wire motor lasting and‌ more durable.
4. Detachable design of base wheels: Easy to disassemble, ‌no need to carry, lighten ⁤the ⁣burden, the base wheel‍ design⁤ is more convenient to move.
5. ⁢4.5m power cord: ⁣Super long power cord, large‌ cleaning range, which⁣ can meet most cleaning needs.

1. The newly developed products maintain the three main functions of dry, wet, and blowing.
2. Use the existing 1000W copper wire motor to ensure product quality;
3. Using KR06 ship type switch, it’s​ easy to operate, simplified structure, reasonable cost control;
4. The detachable design of the base casters can reasonably control the packing quantity;
5. Increase the attachment sockets for the hanging frame and the head base ⁤to meet the requirements ⁤of various environments
6. Use 20L dust collecting bucket.
7. Comply with RoHS requirements.
8. Perfectly used for cleaning in car, home, workshop,‌ mall, and hotel…

Package Included:
1X Wet and Dry Vacuum Host
1X Floor brush
1X Flat‍ suction
1X Round brush
1X Hose (2m)
2X​ Take over
4X⁢ Fixed tripod
4X Casters