Tracing Pad LED A3 Drawing Board


The best way to practice your drawing skills is by  tracing so use this tracing pad to do it better
This tracing pad displays the image you’re tracing brightly, it has adjustable brightness as well
Trace and draw anywhere you want to since this pad has a portable size that’s convenient for you
Material: Acrylic Panel / Light Source: LED / Thickness: 2.5mm / Working Voltage: USB 5V
Light Penetration: can pass through 200 grams watercolor paper / Illuminated Space: 40 x 30cm or 15.75 x 11.81in
Size: 40 x 33 x 0.25cm or 15.75 x 12.99 x 0.098in / Weight: 340g or 11.99oz / LUX:1500-2500
Package Contents:

1 x Tracing Pad LED A3 Drawing Board
1 x USB Cable

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Tracing Pad LED A3 Drawing Board
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Tracing Pad LED A3 Drawing Board
Art is one of the things that makes this world interesting and beautiful. As there are various forms of art, drawing is known to be one of the most popular out there. To create a beautiful image using your hands is a great skill that many artists have. However, just like any form of skill, a drawing takes a lot of practice in order to master. Many people spend a lot of their time practicing their craft in drawing in order to get better at it. And one way to do that is by tracing a drawing and doing it on your own. Consequently, many people trace drawing to better their skills. If you wish to trace better as well, then this tracing pad is the perfect device that you need. Tracing alone with paper can be difficult. However, this LED drawing pad will make it easier.
Adjustable Brightness
This drawing pad is a transparent screen that can display the image of the drawing you want to trace. More so, you can do this by connecting it to a separate device like your phone or computer. Now, since this is an LED drawing pad, you can trace better the image as you will be able to see it more clearly on your paper due to the light. Just simply put a blank drawing paper over this pad and start tracing skillfully. In addition, this pad also has an adjustable brightness level so you can adjust it according to your preference. Now, you can practice and draw better in no time by using this tracing pad.
Artists can take inspiration anywhere. So, just like a real artist, you can draw anywhere you like with this one. This pad is portable and thin so you can easily take it and use it anywhere you wish to draw.