Transparent Bubble Dome Window for Dog Fence – Safe Pet Peek View Solution


A practical dog peeping window for your fence in a bubble-dome-like design
It discourages your dogs from jumping off the fence and lessens their aggressive barking
It gives your dog a good view of their surroundings; They’ll be able to greet you when you get home
Material: Acrylic / Size: 12.4 x 4.69 inches / Thickness: 0.15 inches / Inner Diameter: 9.8″
Package Content:

1 x Dog Window
4 x Mounting Screws

Dog Fence Window Bubble Dome
Transparent Bubble Dome Window for Dog Fence - Safe Pet Peek View Solution $19.99

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Product: Dog Fence Window Bubble Dome

The Dog Fence Window Bubble Dome is specifically designed with dogs’ behavior in mind. As dogs are naturally curious and protective, they often enjoy keeping a close watch on their surroundings. However, safety reasons like preventing fights with other dogs, avoiding car accidents, and protecting them from absconding may require keeping dogs within the boundaries of a fence. The dog fence window aims to provide a satisfactory solution to this.

This window is essentially a clear bubble-dome-like structure designed for installation on your fence. This adjustment to your fence allows your dogs to remain safe within the yard while still enjoying the view of the outside world.

Enhances Dog’s Behavior and Mood

Dogs can sometimes become frustrated or agitated when unable to observe what’s happening beyond their fenced area. Installing a dog fence window allows them to satiate their natural curiosity while comfortably staying indoors. It can also result in a significant reduction of unnecessary barking triggered by unrecognizable noises, as your dogs can now visually identify the source.

Moreover, their familiarity with community members like the mailman or friendly neighbors may improve because they now have the opportunity to observe them regularly via the fence window. Also, the window mitigates the need for the dogs to jump over the fence for a better view of the surroundings. In essence, this fence window solves several issues related to keeping your dogs safely within your yard.

Greeting Window

Another delightful feature of the Dog Fence Window Bubble Dome is the waiting window scenario it creates. Picture arriving home to a greeting from your dog peeping at you through the dog window – it’s a heartwarming sight. This window allows your pets to be the first to sight you coming home and provide you with a warm and enthusiastic welcome. The Dog Fence Window Bubble Dome truly is a valuable enhancement to any fenced yard that your dog will appreciate.