Tube Squeezer for Toothpaste – Easy Roller for Maximum Extraction


This Toothpaste Roller is a manual tool that is handy and easy to use
It is reusable and can also be used for other products that come in tubes
It has a non-slip material a the bottom to keep it sturdy in place
Material: ABS
Size: about 64 x 39 x 47 mm
Package Contents:

1 x Toothpaste Roller

Toothpaste Roller Tube Squeezer
Tube Squeezer for Toothpaste - Easy Roller for Maximum Extraction $9.90

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Product Title: Toothpaste Roller Tube Squeezer

This Toothpaste Roller Tube Squeezer provides a practical solution to ensure not a drop of toothpaste is wasted. The concept is simple yet remarkably effective. Toothpaste tubes are known for retaining product residue due to their design that requires manual squeezing. This can result in wastage over time. The Toothpaste Roller Tube Squeezer is an innovative device that helps to overcome this problem and makes every last bit of toothpaste easily accessible.

Product Specifications:

  • Type: Manual Tool
  • Material: Plastic


This is a manual squeezer avoiding the need for batteries or electricity. It’s designed to hold the toothpaste tube upright, making it easy to dispense the product without mess or unnecessary squeeze force. The process is simple – you just have to place the tube on the roller, and twist the knob to dispense.

Additionally, the squeezer helps maintain cleanliness by keeping the tube’s mouth clean at all times.


While it’s designed for use with toothpaste, the squeezer can also dispense any product packaged in a tube, such as hand creams, making it a multipurpose tool. Its portability further enhances utility, as it can be carried along during travels preventing tube spills in bags.


The squeezer is made of sturdy plastic that’s reusable and easy to clean. It features a smooth surface for convenience and is designed to last, providing good value for money.