Turkey Baster 1-Ounce Kitchen Tool


This Turkey Baster is convenient to use and can be used for other types of meat as well
It has measurement markings up to one ounce and easily dispenses liquid
Its length is long enough to keep the hands away from the hot pan while basting
Material: Plastic /  Capacity: 1 Ounce
Size: 29 cm x 5.5 cm
Package Contents:

1 x Turkey Baster

100 in stock

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Turkey Baster 1-Ounce Kitchen Tool
Perfect your turkey dish with this Turkey Baster 1-Ounce Kitchen Tool! You can use it to baste other types of meats such as pork as well! There are so many ways to cook meat, especially turkey which is a popular delicacy during thanksgiving. But one problem when cooking big pieces of meat at once is that its flavor can be inconsistent. Since it is such a struggle to marinate it, one side can be flavorful while the other remains bland. To solve that problem, what you need to do is baste the meat as it cooks to make sure that all sides soak in the goodness of all the spices evenly.
Convenient to Use
Some people simply use spoons or spatulas to baste turkeys or any meat they are cooking. But because spoons are metal, that can heat up pretty quickly and become too hot to handle. Also, they can only hold a small amount of juice or marinade each time so it would take you a lot of time to baste an entire turkey. The good thing about this turkey baster tool is that it has a total capacity of up to one ounce. This means that it can hold a lot of marinades so you don’t have to keep refilling it. The good thing is that you simply have to press the rubber on its tip to suck in the marinade. Then, to dispense it, simply grip the rubber tightly.
With Measurements
The best part is that this kitchen tool has measurements on it. That way, you can easily measure how much you need to use so as to maximize your ingredients. It is also transparent so you can see right away the contents and make it more convenient for you to refill it. It has a long length to keep your hands away from the hot pan as you baste the meat. Finally, it is easy to clean because it is dishwasher-safe.

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