Two-Player Pie Face Showdown – Interactive Family Game


The pie face is a fun game that everyone in the family will enjoy
It is a two-player game and your goal is to press on the button faster than your competitor
The suspense adds to the excitement of the game; it is light and portable so you can conveniently bring it anywhere
Material: ABS plastic/ Size: 39cm x 33.5cm x 19.5cm
Warning: Not for Kids 6 Years Old and Below
Package Content:

1 x Pie Thrower

1 x Throwing Arm

1 x Sponge

2 x Splash Card Mask

2 x Chin Rest

1 x Foam Box Packaging

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Pie Face Showdown Two-Player Game
Two-Player Pie Face Showdown - Interactive Family Game $29.46

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Pie Face Showdown Two-Player Game

This ‌Pie⁣ Face Showdown toy presents an exciting, easy-to-play game perfect for any gathering or family bonding activity. The rules ⁤are simple and the ⁢goal clear: you must avoid the ‍cream on your face! This is a two-player game where each player must try to press the button faster than their opponent‍ to strategically dodge getting struck by⁤ the pie. In ⁢turn, the⁣ cream ‌lands ‍on the slower​ one. ​Hence, a steady hand and ⁢quick thinking might⁢ make you ⁢the next Pie⁤ Face Showdown Champion.

Perfect‌ for Indoor and Outdoor Gatherings

The versatile Pie Face Showdown game is perfect for diverse settings -⁤ indoor or outdoor, due to​ its lightweight and portability. It’s an engaging game to ignite the spirit⁢ of friendly‍ competition ⁢amongst family, friends, or groups. The⁤ suspense, as each player anticipates who‌ will get the‍ cream, certainly ⁢makes the game all the more exhilarating. Ideal for ⁤reunions, sleepovers, birthdays, and numerous other occasions, it ‍could let‍ you host your very own Pie Face League at your next gathering.

Child-friendly​ and Safe

Above all, the safety of the ‍players ⁤is ⁣assured with the Pie Face ⁢Showdown⁣ game. It’s entirely‌ safe, even for young children‍ to play. Furthermore, there’s no need for batteries as this mechanical toy operates⁤ solely through the ⁤users’ actions.