Ultralight Hiking Trekking Pole with EVA Foam Handle, Telescoping System, Foldable Design and 5 Pcs Rubber Tip End Rod Shoe


Ultralight Foldable Hiking Trekking Pole EVA Foam Handle Telescoping System With 5 Pcs Rubber Tip End Rod Shoe
Ultralight Hiking Trekking Pole with EVA Foam Handle, Telescoping System, Foldable Design and 5 Pcs Rubber Tip End Rod Shoe $18.99

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Compact and Portable
This trekking pole is designed with 5 sections that can be folded down to a compact size for easy transport. It even comes with a carrying bag for added convenience. The press buckle is user-friendly and effectively secures the pole in its folded position. The internal metal wire connection ensures the pole’s stability when in use.

Durable Tip
The trekking pole features a safe flat tip made of tungsten titanium steel, providing excellent abrasion resistance and stability. It’s also fitted with an anti-slip rubber foot sleeve for added safety.

Lightweight yet Sturdy
Crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy, the trekking pole is not only lightweight but also robust enough to support your body weight.

Ergonomic Handle
The handle of the trekking pole is made from high-density EVA material, designed to fit comfortably in your hand for extended periods. It also features a non-slip design for a secure grip. The handle is equipped with a dual-color nylon wrist band that is adjustable, strong, and breathable.

Adjustable Length
The trekking pole has a clear scale printed on its body, allowing users to easily adjust its length. Please ensure not to extend beyond the STOP mark.

Secure Locking Mechanism
The external lock is constructed from high-temperature EP material, offering a strong structure, high intensity, temperature resistance, and anti-aging properties. The white screw can be rotated to clamp the tube securely, fixing the trekking pole in place.

Versatile Use
This trekking pole is an ideal companion for hiking, climbing, walking, camping, and other outdoor activities. It also makes a perfect gift for mountaineering enthusiasts.

Type: Trekking pole
Quantity: 1pc
Material: Aluminum alloy, EVA
Color: Blue / Black
Model: Long type / Short type
Section number: 5
Size: Folding length: Long type- 36cm/ 14.15inch, Short type- 30cm/ 11.79inch
Unfolding length: Long type- 110-130cm/ 3.6-4.26ft, Short type- 95-110cm/ 3.11-3.6ft
Net weight: Long type-300g/117.9oz, Short type-280g/ 9.88oz

Package Includes
1 x Trekking pole

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