Ultralight Road MTB Bike Inner Tube, 18-32C with 45mm Valve


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Ultralight Road MTB Bike Inner Tube, 18-32C with 45mm Valve $16.99

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Offering versatility for both road and mountain bikes, this ‌bike inner tube ​is ⁣designed to accommodate​ 700C‌ 18-32C ‍tires. ⁣Created from TPU material, it is ⁢available in 45mm, 65mm, or 85mm⁢ valve lengths.


The TPU material of the inner tube represents superior puncture resistance. Its ⁤integrated design lacks long seams around the tube’s circumference, only joints around the valves, ​significantly ‍diminishing the⁤ likelihood of air leakage.

There is a notable reduction in weight, up to 70%. This leads to enhanced ‍portability,⁣ decreased spinning mass especially in wheelset-heavy areas, and more immediate acceleration. Benefits include improved ​handling and climbing⁢ speeds.

The inner tube is ⁣resistant to high⁢ and ​low temperatures,⁣ which means stable tire pressure ensuring rider safety‌ during downhill rides.

It is suitable for 700c 18-32C road/MTB bicycle tires and comes equipped with three distinct valve stem⁢ lengths⁢ (45mm, 65mm, 85mm), to cater to various vehicle ⁢types.


Color: Orange

Material: TPU+alloy

Valve stem lengths: ⁣45mm / 65mm / 85mm (optional)

Compatibility: Road Bike 700 X ‌18C ⁣/ 23C / 25C / ⁢28C / 30C / 32C

Weight: 28g / 1.0oz

Package weight:​ 60g / 2.1oz

Package size: 90*37*33mm / 3.5*1.5*1.3in

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1 *⁣ Bike Inner Tube