UNI-T SMD Multimeter: Auto Range Tester for Resistance, Capacitance, Diode


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UNI-T SMD Multimeter UT116A UT116C Auto Range Resistance Capacitance Diode(RCD) LED Zener DCV Continuity Battery Tester Meter
UNI-T SMD Multimeter: Auto Range Tester for Resistance, Capacitance, Diode $26.99$34.49

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Key Features of UT116A / UT116C SMD Tester:
This multifaceted tester offers a DC voltage measurement up to 36V. It’s not just limited to that, it’s also capable of accurately measuring resistance, capacitance, continuity, and diode. Adding to its versatility, the pen of this device can be conveniently rotated 180°, a feature that truly comes in handy for effortless reading and diode/LED testing. Another highlight is its prowess in conducting zener diode polarity tests.

Dimensions of the Models:
We present two models to choose from – UT116A and UT116C. Both of them come with slightly varied specific capacities. The UT116A model exhibits a display count of 3000, resistance measurement of 30MΩ, capacitance measure of 30mF, and a diode test measurement of 3V. On the other hand, the UT116C kind possesses a higher display count of 6000, resistance measure of 60MΩ, capacitance measurement of 100mF, and diode test measure of 3.2V.

Additional Perks of the Product:
This tester has an auto-range and auto-scan identification feature. Prominently, these models are equipped with an auto power off feature to save your battery life when the tester is not in use. It is powered by a 1.5V battery (not included in the package).

Product Presentation:
It flaunts an easily readable display size of 39mm x 20mm. The tester is designed in a mixed shade of red and grey that certainly adds to its aesthetic appeal. It’s incredibly lightweight, approximately weighing just 80g. Lastly, the compact size of the product (204mm x 33mm x 25mm) makes it easy to carry and use.

Package Contents:
The package includes 1 x Multimeter.

Take a glance at the detailed images down below for a better understanding of the product: