Universal Car Fuel Level Gauge with Digital Display, 12V 2-inch 52MM


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Universal Car Fuel Level Gauge with Digital Display, 12V 2-inch 52MM $15.99

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Features: This product is a standard dial designed for a 2-1/16″ (52.4mm) opening that requires 12-volt negative ground systems.

The fuel level gauge provides a precise reading of the remaining fuel in your gas tank, proving suitable for those who are creating a custom dash or attempting to replace an existing fuel level gauge.

The product is compatible with a 240-33ohm signal fuel level sensor. It’s devised specifically for measuring automobile fuel levels. For scalability, the gauge is illuminated and has a backlit feature for easy visibility at night.

This fuel level gauge is esteemed for its high sensitivity and ease of operation.

Specifications: It operates smoothly between a voltage range of 8-18v. You have the option to select between a red light and blue light for the background illumination. The size of the gauge is 52mm, and the unit of measurement used is the percentage (%). Be warned when the fuel level drops below 10%. The package size is 13X7X6CM and weighs 150g.

Instrument Application Description: The instrument is compatible with a resistance type fuel level sensor,240-33 ohms.

Wiring instructions: The red wire is to be connected to the ignition switch ACC, the green line corresponds to the fuel level sensor signal line, and the black wire connects to the battery’s negative electrode.

Package Included: The package includes 1*Fuel Level gauge without sensor, 1*Power Cable, and 1*Fuel Level Gauge.