Universal Cellphone Mount – Compatible with All Phone Models, Fits in Car Cup Holder


This cellphone cup holder can give you convenience in using your gadget inside your vehicle
With an adjustable base to keep it firm and secure on the cup holder
It can hold all types of 3.5 to 12.5 inches phones, tablets, GPS/ PND & PSP and other devices
Material: ABS
Dimensions: 24.5cm (base length) / 10.5-22cm (clip’s width)
Package content:

1 x Cellphone Cup Holder Universal Mount

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Cellphone Cup Holder Universal Mount
Universal Cellphone Mount - Compatible with All Phone Models, Fits in Car Cup Holder $33.56

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Universal Cellphone Cup Holder Mount

This universal cellphone cup holder mount is designed to be placed in your vehicle’s cup holder,⁢ providing a convenient way to store and access your phone. It’s compatible with all phone sizes due to its universal holder design.

Smartphones⁣ and tablets have become integral components ‌of our modern ​lives, enhancing efficiency and convenience as we perform⁣ various tasks. Consequently, we often need to carry ‌these ⁣gadgets with us on ‍the go. This phone holder ensures ⁣that​ your cellphone is secure and​ readily accessible during your commutes, without inconveniences.

Simple Installation and Operation

This cellphone cup holder mount is easy to set up. Simply insert it into⁤ your vehicle’s ‍cup holder and adjust the base to ensure it fits securely. This design ‍eliminates the need for adhesives or suction cups ‌while ensuring⁣ your phone is safeguarded⁣ from falling and potential damage. Its practical ‍design also contributes to its ease of use.

Universal‌ Vehicle‌ Gadget Holder

This mount is⁢ compatible with phones or ‍tablets that have a width between 10.5 and 22 ⁢cm. Notably,‍ it supports devices such as the Apple iPad​ Mini 4/3/2/1, iPad Air 1/2, Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8/9.6/10.1 inch, and Samsung Galaxy Tab S/S2 among others. The mount‍ accommodates phones in a vertical orientation and tablets in a horizontal one.

For your convenience and safety, the holder ​can⁣ be rotated 360 degrees to optimize your viewing angle. Whether you⁤ need to consult maps for navigation⁣ or take calls while driving, this product ensures that your device is secure, accessible and won’t fall off‌ during use.