Universal Disposable Car Seat Covers – Transparent, Anti-Dust, 100pcs


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Universal Disposable Car Seat Covers - Transparent, Anti-Dust, 100pcs $22.99$24.99

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Main ⁣Features

The Transparent Plastic Seat Covers​ are designed to fully encompass car ‌seats, offering holistic protection. ⁣This feature‌ ensures that your⁣ car seats ‍remain ⁤unscathed and shielded from stains or scratches.

Designed for a one-time use, these disposable seat covers provide a reliable⁣ way to maintain hygiene standards for your vehicle’s occupants.

The universal seat covers are⁤ fabricated from sturdy and lightweight PE ‍plastic material. This extends their durability while ensuring they remain resistant to‍ breakage.

These covers are conveniently compact for storage and portability. They ⁢can be ‍stored in your‌ car or home without occupying excess space and can be utilized for various purposes.

They not only ‍protect your ​car interiors from‍ staining and wear but also⁢ prevent pet hair contamination. This effectively reduces clean-up time ​and ⁤effort.

They also offer protection against⁤ water,‍ dust, and airborne harmful substances, contributing to a cleaner, healthier environment within your vehicle.


Product name: Disposable ⁢Plastic Seat Cover

Material:​ Plastic

Color: Clear

Quantity: Available in packs of 50pcs and 100pcs

Package dimensions: 32*20*10cm

Package weight: 120g

Packing list: 100pcs Disposable Plastic Seat⁣ Cover pack