Universal Electric Soldering Iron Handle for 936 Series


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Universal Electric Solder Iron Handle Soldering Gun for 936 Series
Universal Electric Soldering Iron Handle for 936 Series $11.99

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Product ‍Name: Universal Electric ⁣Soldering Iron Gun Handle

Discover this universal⁤ electric soldering iron gun handle, specifically designed for use​ with soldering stations.

This high-quality⁣ implement is‍ a ‍standard handle‌ for the 936A soldering station, ‍featuring a superior ceramic core for ⁣optimum performance. This handle is versatile and can be adapted for use⁢ with a variety of similar welding machines, including the 852D+,​ 852D++, 909D, 8858, 936, 937, 898D,‌ and 8586D among others.

The line of the handle measures 1‍ meter, offering sufficient flexibility ‍during use.

Main Usage Range
Primarily designed for the 936A soldering station.

The Interface Type
This handle has a convenient hole, ensuring a secure grip and enhanced handling.

Package Includes
Each package comes ​with⁣ one Electric Solder ‌Iron Handle, ⁤allowing you to get to work right away!

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