Universal Multimeter Test Probe Leads Cable PT1003 1000V 20A Banana


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PT1003 1000V 20A Banana Universal Multimeter Test Probe Leads Cable
Universal Multimeter Test Probe Leads Cable PT1003 1000V 20A Banana $7.99

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Product Name: PT1003 Multimeter Test Probe
Highlight Features:
The PT1003 Multimeter Test Probe is tailored to offer convenience and efficiency when embarking on intricate electronic work.
Each probe is marked with easily readable “+” and “-” indicators for straightforward use.
The probes are nestled within a comfortable rubber shroud − a favourable design to augment grip.
The universal multi-meter plug feature further proves its practical functionality.

Model PT1003 proves its uniqueness through its meticulously crafted specs.
It comes with a Cable Length of 93cm, Total length of 108cm and a Cable Diameter of 4.0mm.
The cable specifications stand at 0.15mm x 50 core, encompassed within an Jacket made of elastomer plastic.
It meets safety requirements of CAT II 1000V 20A.
Further attention to detail is visible in the robust beryllium copper pen tip material.
Gold plating of 24K enhances the pen tip, which has a diameter of 0.2-0.3 mm.

Package Content:
The pack includes a pair of functional PT1003 Multimeter Test Probes.

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