Unlocking Practice Lock Pick Key Extractor Padlock Kit: 34 Piece Lock Repair Sets


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34 Pcs Lock Repair Sets Unlocking Practice Lock Pick Key Extractor Padlock Kit
Unlocking Practice Lock Pick Key Extractor Padlock Kit: 34 Piece Lock Repair Sets $21.99

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Introducing our brand-new, high-quality product. This item is a recently upgraded model of a pick set, crafted with the purpose of being more durable, responsive and effortless to utilize. You’ll receive this set in perfect condition, with no loose parts or pins- completely ready for use.

One great feature of this product is its clear cutaway, which allows you to observe each minute action made by the pins and the exact causation behind those movements. This makes the product an ideal choice for aspiring locksmiths, lock connoisseurs and those innately intrigued by mechanics.

Product Highlights:

  1. Constructed from Hard Titanium & PU with an accompanying storage Bag
  2. Comes with a Resilient Bag
  3. Lightweight and Convenient to Transport
  4. Suitable for use with both hook & scissors style

Lock Pick Set:
We offer a variety of lock picks, rakes, hook picks, and a dimple rake. These tools are neatly packed in an easily portable, zippered leather case, making it both practical for storage and transport.

Transparent Lock:
Our lock boasts distinct open chambers on all its moving parts, providing an enlightening visual of its working mechanism. Whenever you insert a key, you can watch the pins at action. The lock is smooth to operate, with no loose parts or pins, ensuring a seamless experience. This unique feature allows you to view the pins move as the key is inserted and withdrawn.

Material: Alloy Steel
Type: Lock Repair Tools
Quantity: 34 Pieces

Package Includes:
1 x Lock
2 x Keys
4 x Tension Wrenches
1 x Y-shaped Tension Wrench
20 x Locksmith Crochet Hooks
1 x Bag
1 x Card
4 x Tools

Product Images: