Upgraded Version Wine & Beer Glass Bottle Cutter Tool – Perfect for Square, Round Glass Sculptures


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Upgraded Version Wine & Beer Glass Bottle Cutter Tool - Perfect for Square, Round Glass Sculptures $20.99$23.99

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The easy-to-use Bottle Cutter is a handy ​tool⁢ designed for precise ⁣glass bottle cutting. More reliable and simple⁤ to operate than plastic models, it enables you ⁤to slice through glass bottles quickly and securely. With this machine, you can upcycle all your bottles, giving them a new lease of life as art pieces. This product takes just ⁣five straightforward ⁤steps‌ to deliver a perfect cut.


Our Glass Bottle ⁣Cutter is versatile. It is engineered to cut an array of bottle forms, ⁢including square, round, and bottle necks. This is ‍made possible by the inclusion of⁢ separation rings that stabilize the ⁢cutting process. It comes equipped with sandpaper and gloves for a ⁣smooth and safe cutting experience.

With the adjustable width (up to 6cm) and length‍ (up to 16mm), this bottle cutter accommodates most bottles. The only exception being those that‍ have embossed surfaces.

Using our bottle cutter is a breeze. Simply secure the bottle onto the machine, cutting can commence. The stability this offers allows for easier, stress-free⁤ cutting, and a chance to bring your‌ creative vision to life with ‌less exertion.

If you’re‌ passionate about DIY and‍ environmentally friendly practices, this bottle cutter is an essential ⁤tool. It‍ gives you the platform to fashion decorative items effortlessly, fostering artistic growth. Moreover, by ⁤recycling bottles into art forms, ⁣it supports eco-friendly living.

This bottle​ cutter ​is perfect for an assortment of DIY⁤ projects, such as making lamps out of ‍square bottles, crafting a vase or candle lamp from round⁤ bottles,⁤ or grooving the bottom of⁣ the bottle to create a unique container for eggs⁢ or coins.

Our bottle cutter comes with an array of accessories including gloves, separation rings, sandpaper, and a sponge for easier​ clean-up. We’ve also provided a Ø6 drill bit for drilling holes (drill not included).

How to Use

  1. Position the bottle on the support device, print and ​rotate.
  2. Draw a rotation line on the bottle.
  3. Heat⁢ the line over boiling water.
  4. Alternate between hot and ‌cold water baths three times.
  5. The ⁣bottle will split into two parts. Smooth the ⁣sharp edges for‌ a⁤ perfect finish.


Color: Black

Material: Stainless Iron

Cutting Length: 6.5cm to 16cm / 2.6~6.3in

Cutting Diameter: 1.2cm~6cm / 0.47~2.4in

Package ⁣Size: 23*11*8cm / 9*4.3*3.1in

Package Weight: 601g / 21.2oz

Package Components

1 * Glass Bottle​ Cutter,
1 ​* Hexagonal Spanner,
2 *‌ Glove,
1 * Ø6 Drill ‍Bit,
1 * Sandpaper,
4 ⁢* Separation Ring,
1 * Sponge Washer