US EU Plug Digital Automatic Egg Hatching Machine Incubator for 112 Eggs


Digital Automatic 112 Eggs Incubator Egg Hatching Machine Incubator US EU Plug
US EU Plug Digital Automatic Egg Hatching Machine Incubator for 112 Eggs $316.99

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Key Features
This product boasts an automatic egg turning feature.
Experience precise control with its digital temperature settings.
Stay informed with the LED display that shows temperature, humidity, hatching days, and egg turning time.
Stay alert with the temperature and humidity alarms.
Product Specifications
Voltage:110V(US), 220V(EU)
Egg Capacity:112pcs
This product is suitable for Chicken, Duck, Pigeon eggs, etc.
(We advise against incubating different types of eggs at the same time, as their hatching times vary.)
How to Use Your Incubator:1. Test your incubator to ensure it’s functioning correctly.
2. Connect the egg turner to the control plug in the incubation chamber.
3. Fill one or two water channels based on your local humidity level.
4. Position eggs with their pointed ends upwards (blunt ends downwards).
5. Close the cover and activate the incubator.
6. Press the “Reset” button to reset, the “Day” display will start from 1 and egg turning “Countdown” will countdown from 1:59.
7. Monitor the humidity display. Refill the water channel when necessary. (Typically every 4 days)
8. After 18 days, remove the egg tray with the turning mechanism. Place the eggs on the bottom grid and wait for the chicks to hatch.
9. It’s crucial to fill both water channels to increase humidity and prepare for hatching.
10. Avoid opening the lid for extended periods during hatching, as it can slow down the hatching process.
Frequently Asked Questions:1. How should I store eggs?
Eggs that have been shipped need to settle for at least 24 hours. This allows the air cell inside the egg to return to its normal size. Always store eggs with the pointy end down. If you receive older eggs, you may only need to let them settle overnight.
2. When is my incubator ready to start incubating?
Your incubator should have been running for at least 24 hours before you receive your eggs. A week is even better. This allows you to understand your incubator’s operation and make any necessary adjustments before setting your eggs. Remember, the temperature inside the egg will be an average of the temperature fluctuations in your incubator.
3. How long does it take to incubate chicken eggs?
The incubation period for chicken eggs is 21 days. You should turn your eggs at least three times a day for the first 18 days, and stop turning after the 18th day. This gives the chick time to orient itself inside the egg before hatching. After day 18, keep the incubator closed except to add water. This helps increase the humidity to aid the chicks. If you haven’t bought an incubator yet, consider investing in a model with a picture window. This allows you to observe the process without disturbing the hatch.
What’s Included
1 x Incubator
1 x Power Supply (EU/US Plug for Optional, Also come with an adapter according to your country~)
1 x User Manual
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