UV Light for Aquarium Pet Accessory


This UV Light for Aquarium removes bacteria and helps keep the water clean
Ideal for busy pet owners; Easy to install and submersible
Has a timer function for four periods: 3, 6, 12 and 24
Material: Quartz Glass/ Diameter: 1.9 cm
Watts: 11W/ Length: 26 cm
Variants: (Power/ Plug Type)

 11W/ US Plug
11W/ EU Plug
 9W/ US Plug
9W/ EU Plug
7W/ US Plug
7W/ EU Plug

Package Contents:

1 x UV Light for Aquarium
2 x Suctions Clamps

UV Light for Aquarium Pet Accessory
UV Light for Aquarium Pet Accessory $29.95$30.54

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UV Light for Aquarium Pet Accessory
Keep your fish tank clean with this UV Light for Aquarium! It is a must-have for almost all types of pf aquatic animals! Some people prefer to have pet fishes inside tanks instead of having furry animals as pets. It is great because you can keep them in one place but the downside is that you have to constantly clean it. But with this UV light, you don’t have to keep cleaning it all the time anymore. The advantage of using a UV light is that it will remove the bacteria from the aquarium. This will prevent algae from growing on the sides of the tanks.
Submersible Lamp
The good thing about this lamp is that it is submersible so it can really be effective. It helps remove the nasty smells from the water which can really affect your pets’ health. Most pet owners understand the importance of regularly cleaning their pet tanks but their only issue is that they lack time to do it. This is why this lamp is ideal for busy people. The lamp will slow down the growth of bacteria and other weeds inside the tank so you don’t have to clean it as often anymore.
Timer Function
What makes this really unique from other types of UV lamps is that it had a timer function. Using the control panel, you can set the timer for four periods 3, 6, 12, and 24. It comes with suction cups that you can use to install it to the aquarium. It is of glass material so it is safe, durable and waterproof that’s why it is submersible. This lamp ultimately prevents the water from getting green fast so you can make sure your fishes live in nothing but clean water. Finally, it operates under a power of 11 Watts only.