Vintage Wax Seal Stamp Kit for Craft Enthusiasts and Letter Writing


DIY wax-sealing is now a lot easier with this wax sealing kit!
Wax sealing your envelopes give it an extra classic-vintage look; You can go creative with your stamp
The kit is user-friendly and the wax is very easy to melt; You’ll be a wax-sealing pro in no time!
Material: Gold-Plated, Brass Head
Size: Length (Seal Head + Handle: 90mm) / Seal Diameter: 25mm/0.98″
Package Content Variants:

Complete Set:

1 x Sealing Wax Stamp
3 x Wax Sticks (Red/Gold/Silver)
2 x Lighting Candles
1 x Melting Ladle
1 x Box

Wax Seal Stamp Kit Vintage Stamp
Vintage Wax Seal Stamp Kit for Craft Enthusiasts and Letter Writing $29.99

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Product Description

Introduce a vintage touch to your envelopes with our Wax Seal Stamp Kit. This kit allows you to create wax-sealed envelopes reminiscent of those used by royalties in fairy tale storybooks. Ideal for a range of invitations, be it a wedding, birthday, baby shower, or any other event, this kit provides all you need for a personalized DIY wax-sealing experience. Simple and easy-to-use, this kit offers a quick melting process ensuring you’ll soon be wax-sealing like a professional.

Each kit includes a wax sealing stamp with varied designs available for selection, three wax sticks, one melting ladle, and two candlesticks.

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Simplicity and Creativity

The ease of wax-sealing with this kit is as simple as counting from one to three. Customizing your wax seal can also bring out your creativity. For a rustic look, a dried flower can be inserted into the stamp while wet, or for a sparkly appeal, glitters and beads can simply be sprinkled on the wax. Adding small white beads or pearls to the melted wax seal could create an elegant effect.

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Security and Confidentiality

In addition to enhancing the aesthetics of your envelope, the wax seal also serves a functional purpose. It securely seals the envelope thereby deterring third parties from tampering with it and ensuring confidentiality.

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In conclusion, this user-friendly Wax Seal Stamp Kit offers a fun and creative way to lend an old-world charm to your modern communications while also ensuring security.