Water Detector Switch, Stick Type XKC-Y25-PNP 24V Non-Contact Liquid Level Sensor


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XKC-Y25-PNP 24V  Non-Contact Liquid Level Sensor Stick Type Water Detector Switch
Water Detector Switch, Stick Type XKC-Y25-PNP 24V Non-Contact Liquid Level Sensor $16.99

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Welcome to the world of technologically advanced products! Today we are showcasing the Intelligent Non-Contact Liquid Level Sensor which brilliantly integrates innovative signal processing technology and speed focused signal processing chip. A key highlight of this sophisticated device is that it proficiently detects liquid levels within an airtight container, regardless of the thickness of the container wall.

Installation of the sensor is a breeze – it is conveniently installed underneath the container (covering both high level and low level) and no drilling is necessary for non-metallic containers. With the ability to detect a myriad of liquid forms such as toxic substances, acid, alkali, etc., under high pressure conditions, this sensor is nothing short of versatile.

A sellout feature of this sensor is its non-contact characteristic, which makes it compatible with non-metallic containers, without the necessity for direct contact with the liquid. Its intelligent liquid-level benchmark adjustment, level memory function and unique liquid-level display mode augment its usability substantially.

This sensor stands out with its electronic circuit structure that guarantees flawless functionality, longevity and durability, eclipsing any outdated mechanical versions. It rivals competitors in the market with its impressive stability, sensitivity and stellar anti-interference capabilities, ensuring it remains unaffected by any potential electromagnetic disturbances.

Designed to combat power frequency and common mode interference, this sensor fits seamlessly with the majority of 24V power adapters. Moreover, it accommodates an array of non-metallic material containers, such as, plastic, glass, and ceramics, with an induction distance of 13mm or more.

The accuracy of the tests it delivers is reliable and consistent, able to detect a range of substances from liquid to powder. The sensor’s sensitivity can be adjusted to your requirements, making this product not only innovative but user-friendly.

Remember to take note, a mild 1-3mm error is possible due to manual measurements, and a potential color difference may arise owing to the variance in monitor displays.

Pack your order with: 1 X XKC-Y25-PNP Liquid Level Sensor which comes encased in an ABS material and offers an IP67 standard of ingress protection.

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