Water Splash Play Mat for Kids – Interactive, Fun & Durable


This splash mat is perfect to use in the backyard or garden on a hot summer day
Just connect a water hose and have fun!
Your children will sure to have endless fun enjoying the splashes of water that comes out around its circumference
Easy to install to give you convenience
Material: PVC plastic
Sizes: 170cm
Package content:

1 x Splash Mat Kids Water Play Mat

Splash Mat Kids Water Play Mat
Water Splash Play Mat for Kids - Interactive, Fun & Durable $46.58

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Product: Kids Water Play Splash Mat

Bask in the joy of summertime fun with this Kids Water Play Splash Mat. Designed specifically for children, the splash mat provides a refreshing retreat during those scorching summer days. It’s perfect for making outdoor play more enjoyable and reducing screen time. This splash mat encourages children to engage more with the outdoors, get some fresh air, and participate in playful physical activities.

Key Features:

  1. Fun Water Splashing Activity: The water play splash mat is a guaranteed hit for children, especially those who love the pool or beach. It offers a stimulating water splashing experience right in the backyard. The touch of cool water splashing on their skin provides instant relief on hot days. Furthermore, it could be used as an outdoor play space for their friends and an ideal setup for family bonding activities during weekends.

  2. Convenient and User-friendly: Setup is as simple as placing the splash mat in your backyard or garden and connecting a water hose to its inlet. This allows for an endless flow of water, creating splashes around the mat’s circumference. The mat features tiny holes all around, enhancing the splashing effect and adding to the fun.

  3. Compact Storage: Storage is easy and convenient. Following use, the mat can be folded compactly and stored effortlessly in a storage cabinet without taking up space.

This Kids Water Play Splash Mat boasts a combination of fun, excitement, and practicality. Not only does it get the kids off the couch and outside, but it also provides an inviting and exciting outdoor play space. Say hello to endless fun and memorable summers.